Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gift it good.

And thus concludes our fun little series:

I hope you've been inspired.  I hope you've been pinning like mad.  I hope you haven't gotten sick and tired of homemade gifts already, gosh dang it.

I also hope you realize that now's the time to start those Christmas presents.  Take it from the girl who first created this:

Start your presents now, people.  Now.  You don't want to be that crazy lady up until 3 am on Christmas Eve trying to put the finishing touches on just ONE MORE gift when you've already busted your way through 20 in the last day and a half - which resulted in glue gun burns you don't even want to know where, tape attached in awkward areas that can't be reached and more thread in your hair than hair - and still have to wrap them all (garbage bags and duct tape it is!) as you insanely rock back and forth after your 16th cup of hot cocoa, sarcastically mutter-singing "we WISH you a merry Christmas..." under your breath so as not to wake the peacefully and unwittingly sleeping HUSBAND and children above. Not that I have any kind of personal experience with this or anything...

And now that I've already made a long story longer, let's cut to the chase.  
Firstly, and foremost, I would like to thank the insane amount of people who helped with this month's festivities.  You are gifting rock stars with amazing blogs to boot.  Thanks!  (Now, go check them out in their natural habitat, will you?)
Second, and also foremost, I think I deserve a small break, don't you?  This series stuff is hard work.  Do you know how long a round up takes to put together??  Man.  I love doing them.  But they can be a pain in the butt.  Anyway, postings will be sparse for a teensy bit.
Finally, here's a summation of all the amazingness you've seen here this month.  It's a long summary.  So maybe it's a longary.  In any case, you'll find everything here.  With links.  I try to be helpful like that.
1. 30 Stellar Teacher & Neighbor Gifts - a roundup for those special people in our lives.
2. Birthday Gifts for Guys, Gals & Littles - 30 birthday gifts ideas for absolutely anyone.
3. 50 "I do"-able Gifts - awesome wedding gifts of all types that will suit any kind of couple.
4. 101 Baby Approved Presents - your go-to source for all gifts of the baby variety - toys, blankets, clothes, and stuff for mama too.
5. 50 Rock Your Socks Christmas Presents - holiday and winter themed ideas for any person on your list.

2. Playtime Present - Susan from crafterhours
7. "La Gelateria" - Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe
10. Framed - April from Cup of Delight
13. Gussied Up Notebook - Melissa from Melly Sews
14. "Go-To" Gifts - Mandy from Sugarbee Crafts
17. A MOM Gift- Kim from A Girl and a Glue Gun
1. Make No Mistake - a teacher gift
2. Fort in a Bag - great gift for kids
3. GAK kit - another fun one for kids
4. Pedicure in a Jar - the gift of pampering 
5. Catalogue of Love - a cute and sentimental gift for a wedding or anniversary
6. "B is for Book" Bag - a baby gift for a book themed shower.  (But really, perfect for almost anyone who can read.  Or might one day read.)

1. Dessert of the Month Coupon Book
2. Cake in a Jar
3. Latte Gift Kit
4. Single Serving Brownies To Go

And because I've made a gift or two in the past...
(regular disclaimers apply, i.e. some of these posts are ancient, some of these posts were created in the dead of winter when the sun literally doesn't shine here which means quite a few of these posts contain really horrible pictures.  If that offends you, I'm sorry.)

3. Backpack Backpack - easy version
10. Parade in a Box - DIY Instruments
13. DIY Treasure Chest (and pirate hook)
4. Handwarmer Hat (from a sweater)

1. Mix and Match Foot and Hair Accessories
2. Cabochon Charm Bracelet
3. Hair Bling in a Jar
4. No-Sew Zipper Flower Headband
5. Flamenco Dress (or check out the maternity version!)
6. No-Sew Fabric Roses
7. Funky Chunky Earrings
8. Farewell Summer Wreath
9. Twisted Yarn Necklace
10. Petite Amie Bow
11. Rolled Rose Bib Necklace
12. Embroidered Button Garden
13. Piles of Thanks Wreath
14. The Svelte Belt
15. Reading Wreath
16. Glass Photo Charms
17. 10 Second No-Sew Headbands
18. Stained Glass Tray
19. T-Shirt Necklace

1. Glowing Globe Nightlight
2. Duct Tape Notebook
3. Monogrammed Keychains
4. Monogrammed Water Bottles

1. Sunshine in a Box
2. Milk and Cookies

1. Framed Bank
2. Burlap Picnic Blanket Tote
3. Cookie Tin Photo Album
4. 30 Sucks, Blows and Shows Cake
5. Antiqued Photo Tile
6. Fabric Covered Mini Notebook
7. Handprint Heart Trivets
8. Photo Box: A Year in Portraits
9. Velvet Lined Hidden Treasure Book
10. Fancified Journal and Matching Pen

PHEW!  (And now that you're completely overwhelmed with gift ideas...)

I don't know if you realize it (probably not, because you aren't as nerdy as I am) but that's... (counts on fingers...) wait a minute... (counts on fingers again...) wow, yeah, that's right... 
that's over 350 handmade gift ideas.   In one spot.  Just for you.  Gosh, I must really love you guys.

Now go do it.  Get off your duff.  Stop making excuses.
"When a problem comes along
You must gift it
Before the cream sets out too long
You must gift it.
When something's goin' wrong
You must gift it.
So gift it.  Gift it good."

*PLEASE refer to my introductory post to this series on the subject of DEVO and these beloved lyrics.  It really does apply.  I promise.  Also, please note that bolded items have been altered from the original lyrics.

Bam.  How's THAT for a finale?

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Thanks so much for putting together this fun series! You are the bee's knees! ;)

Stephanie said...

Thanks again for all the great ideas--I loved being part of it!

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