Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More belated thanks.

I'd like to justify these belated thank you ideas with the philosophy taken from Joseph B. Wirthlin that we should "Live in Thanksgiving Daily."  You might recognize that quote from this printable.  So in the spirit of living more gratefully all the time, here are some more Thanksgiving decorations.

(At least that's what I'm telling myself.  But the real truth can be found here, on this printable.)

So.  You've got yourself some leaves with inked edges.  And some accordion flower things.  And some folded springy flower things.  (What, you ask?  Here's a link to those!)

There's no way you used the millions you made on your garlands - unless you've festooned your entire house - so let's make a wreath!

Because I must make a wreath for every holiday.

Now, I may have failed to mention in all of the cutting, inking, punching holes and stringing hullabaloo that you need to leave some leaves unpunched.  So don't get punch drunk.  

Grab yourself a wreath form.  I used one that looked like this:  

because I had it in my stash.  See how the edges are squared?  I like that.  Anyway.  Wrap it up in twine.

You'll probably notice that there are actually no less than three different types of twine on this baby.  That's totally unnecessary.  You could use all the same kind.  If you don't run out of it a quarter of the way through wrapping, and then run out of the second kind and sort of want to shoot yourself in the foot because you left this until the last minute so you don't have any time to go out and buy more of the same kind of twine.  Then you'll have to use three.  Like I did.  But that's ok, because a lot of it can be covered.  No one will ever know.  Unless you get on your blog and tell everyone.  Ahem.

So, it's all wrapped in twine.  Now, glue on some leaves.  Hot glue is probably the best idea for this project.

And some flower-y things.

And just be random.  

The key is to layer and overlap.  Bunch things together in a random yet pleasing pattern.  You can do it.  

I know, no real instructions.  I love that kind of craft.

And there you go.  Loop some twine around the top and hang her up.

Ah, so pretty.

And full of thanks.  

Too bad she only hung on my door for like a day.  Literally.  Because now my door looks like this.

But guess what.  You can totally buy her on etsy.  Yep.  I'm giving this beauty up.  AND our sale is extended until Saturday!  (Because some people let me know they didn't know what my coupon code was, and I felt bad.  It's ABUGCHRISTMAS11.  No excuse now!)

So go buy her.  And your fingers won't end up as numb little nubs from cutting out a billion and 2 leaves by hand.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Once upon a time, when we made some leaves out of paper...

Well, I know I don't need to explain to you... you're used to my perpetual tardiness by now.  No one thought Thanksgiving would be any different, did you??  Well, now that that's settled...

Remember how I made about a gazillion leaves and then teased you with that whole "guess what we'll make with it" thing?  Ok then.  Let's see what we'll make with it.  (This is actually a tutorial in three parts.  Or maybe just three tutorials in one split up over three posts.  Or something.  Basically there are three things you can do with these leaves.  And I'm showing you all of them.  In honor of Thanksgiving's past.)

So.  You've got your leaves with one hole:

Your leaves with two holes:

Your accordion flower things:

Your folded springy flowers:

First things first.  Take those leaves with only one hole

 and string them, one at a time, onto a short piece of twine.  Start with a knot in the twine to hold the first leaf on, then make a knot after each leaf leaving a bit of space.  

Make the spaces between leaves randomly sized.  Put the shapes and the blank vs. "thanks" leaves on in random order.  All very random here.  Each string should have 3-6 leaves on it.  I ended up with about 6 strings total.

Now, let's put all the pieces together, shall we?  We're making a garland!  (It's been a while...)

So, you'll take an extra long piece of twine, and tie a knot in the end.  Then begin by threading the twine through a two-hole leaf.  

Add another.

Sorry, I couldn't for the life of me get decent pictures of this process.  Just focus on the awesomeness of the IDEA, ok?  Thanks.

Then you'll thread on an accordion circle.  Punch a hole through one fold - on the BACK of the circle.  Then just thread your twine in and out.

Add a folded springy flower thing.  Same idea.  Punch a hole in one fold on the BACK of the flower.  Thread your string through, back to front to back.  You know.

When you've got a bunch of your flowers and leaves randomly placed on your string and you like the looks of it, you'll take one of those small strings of leaves and wrap it around the longer garland string.  Like so.

And really, that's it.  You're done with your garland.  

Just tie knots in the end of the twine and hang her on up.

If you're like me, you'll need to make about three more to use up the rest of the leaves you made and make all that effort worth it.  

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

CYBER MONDAY! (and buy my stuff.)

You know it's Cyber Monday, right??  I'm one of those crazy people who gets up at 3 in the morning to go shopping with my sisters and mom and stays out for about 14 hours cramming all of our Christmas shopping into one insane day with grumpy shoppers and long lines but TREMENDOUS sales!  Yep.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as Cyber Monday until last year.  For reals.  But I thought since I have a shop this time around, maybe I should take part in the whole Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza.  

The following is a directory of etsy shops, put together from the awesome Julie of Vibrant Designs, that are all having awesome sales today.  That includes Shop Bugaboo!  40% off everything in the shop - just use code ABUGCHRISTMAS11.

AND, there are a TON of new listings in the shop - including greeting cards, Christmas wreaths, baby stuff, crochet hats and lots of jewelry!  Plus, there will be more listings going up throughout the day, so there are a lot of opportunities for unique and handmade Christmas gifts!  Make sure to stop by.  And visit these other awesome shops, too.

Vibrant Designs
Vibrant Designs is a small shop that carries jewelry, accessories, and bags.  I am so excited for the upcoming Christmas holidays, so I've decided to have a great sale on all ready to ship listings!  On Cyber Monday,  you will enjoy 30% off our clearance items and 20% off the rest of the items in my shop.  To top it off, I'm extending FREE SHIPPING for one day only!  Just use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY to redeem your discounts!  Come follow my blog and watch for a unique Vibrant Designs Christmas Giveway!
a girl and a glue gun
shop is a place where i sell all my extra crap leftover from my blog! I've got
levi aprons, rings, keychains, handwarmers, animal scarfs, and all sorts of other random crap!

Everything in the shop is 15% off for CYBER MONDAY only! come by and say hi!
Bumblebee and Sophie is a children’s clothing and accessory company that provides unique designs in playful fabrics for baby girls ages three months to three years. We have branched out into boy clothes with a tunic style shirt, vests, and pants, sizes newborn(vests) to three years. We offer custom sewing machine covers and would love to create custom nursery bedding for your new little one.
We are excited for Cyber Monday and will offer 20% off and free shipping for all in stock items. (sorry not on custom orders)
Fun, colorful gifts and stocking stuffers! Posies In my Pocket specializes in unique accessories for the girly girl in all of us! I hope you enjoy my items as much as I do making them!
On Cyber Monday, all orders placed will receive 15% off the entire shop!! Use code CYBERMONDAY at checkout.
Happy Holidays from Posie Hill Farm Treat Stands, Cake Plates and Pie Plates make lovely holiday gifts and are the perfect way to display your special holiday treats. Take a look around and enjoy my little shop filled with handmade, recycled, vintage and vintage inspired items for the home. On Cyber Monday, enjoy 15% off all purchases using the code CYBERMONDAY!
Specializing in custom handmade, original and unique nursery and children's artwork. Each piece is one of a kind. My nursery prints are whimsical and primarily made from different patterns and textures to create a paper collage. Receive 10% off any piece of nursery art with the code CYBERMONDAY. Enjoy!
  The Country Chic Cottage etsy shop has a mixture of vintage and handmade goods for your home.  Custom barnwood signs can be ordered with your choice of quote, name, or word.  Take 25% off anything in the store with code TAKE25 -- free shipping in the US everyday.  Be sure to also follow along on The Country Chic Cottage blog for further updates.
Beez Kneez is a true mom and pop shop with all of our products being made by us in our studio in California. All of our supplies are from suppliers here in the USA. We specialize in personalized and customized apparel and accessories for children.  Customers can save an extra 20% off our already great sale when using the coupon code CYBERMONDAY. 
A Bit of String carries handknit and crocheted accessories and photo props for little ones. Each item is handmade with special attention to detail, and the shop is a favorite among moms and photographers. Many items will be discounted through the Thanksgiving weekend, so be sure to check the shop. Also, check out their Facebook page to be notified of new listings. Use coupon code FREESHIP10 for free shipping from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

Whimsical and fun, yet vintage and classic. I love to accessorize with color and it shows by what I sell. Wear something surprising and shop vixenMade.  Get 20% off all items in shop on Cyber Monday.  Use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY to get your discount and have fun shopping!  In the meantime, come visit my blog for more crafting fun!


1499 Vintage is a Vintage shop with lots of carefully selected home decor, house wares and accessories. 
We are a husband and wife team of vintage lovers and are always on the hunt for that oh so special item to add to our shop next. 
Visit our shop for a great assortment of special finds that will add some unique character to your home.
On Cyber Monday we will be offering a 10% discount on everything in the shop :) 
Follow the blog for updates on new arrivals and other special offers.
Babes&Sages is a handmade shop selling mostly boho style headbands in many different colors and styles.
I use gorgeous lace headbands and different new and vintage fabrics and buttons to create a truly special look.
You will also find some felt headbands as well as jewelry. Please stop by frequently as stock changes.
On Cyber Monday you can save 20% on all items and on top of that all headbands are always free shipping!!! 
Follow the blog or facebook page for updates on new arrivals and other special offers. 

Unique, hand cut designs made for fashionable kids.
ZLilly Accessories carries a variety of applique shirts and onesies to suit your child's personality and interests-and be easy on your wallet! We also create one-of-a-kind designs for custom orders (great for Christmas gifts, wedding parties, baby showers, family pictures).
Receive 25% off ZLilly purchases (does not include shipping or custom orders) with code CYBERMONVD.
Happy Holidays!  Want more information? Please follow us at How Do U Like Them Apples? for crafty goodness and other product information.
Come and get some Christmas shopping done at The Kiki Comin Shoppe! The Kiki Comin Shoppe is filled with fun and funky prints for your home, your friend's home and anyone else you can dream up!  On Cyber Monday ONLY you can recieve 25% off all of your print orders by entering the code CYBERMONDAY.  A customer favorite "I love you because" print would be a perfect gift for your home, for your child or even grandchild! You can see how I have decorated with this print in my home HERE. There is everything from Family Trees to You Are My Sunshine prints.  Head on over and see us HERE..and drop by my blog, Kiki Creates, for special deals going on all week!

Oh hi, I'm Amie. I run a little shop called {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} that's full of whimsical and romantic vintage-style jewelry. I also have a {blog} with tons of crafty tutorials and a {facebook page} where I like to run special friends only promos! Speaking of promos, since it's Cyber Monday, I am having a huge sale! 30% off everything in the store using code CYBERMONDAY (original huh?) If that isn't good enough, all orders over $20 get FREE shipping! Hold onto your socks, I've got one more. See those cute rose bud earrings? For every $30 you spend, you get a free pair in any color you'd like. Awesome. Happy shopping!

My name is June & my Etsy shop is CreationsByJune. I have pre made scrapbooks, upcycle necklaces and scarves, a few purse and lots of vintage patterns.  In honor of cyber Mondayfor November 28 through December 2, ALL shipping is FREE and all purchases over $50 will get 10% off!  Coupon code for free shipping is 2011CYBER,  and then convo before paying for the 10% off!  You can also find me in blog land  at Creations By June.
I look forward to seeing you!

CJ's Craft Corner is a mother-daughter team. Our shop specializes in "fabric creations to brighten your life". We love making affordable, quality, colorful items like tea wallets, car trash bags, mug rugs, and more. Our Cyber Monday sale will run from Friday, November 25 through Monday, November 28. Use code CYBER15 to save 15% off any purchase (not including shipping). Check out our facebook and twitter too!
Hi there! My name is Kara and I am the owner of Mine for the Making {shop} and the blogger behind the Mine for the Making {blog}. I love to make whimsical, vintage inspired jewelry and hair accessories for girls of all ages. Being a girly-girl and having a daughter fuels my passion to create handmade pretties! Besides making things for my shop, I love to be a mommy, craft, paint, cook, bake, teach, learn new things, laugh, work on our home, and blog :) Check out and Facebook page and follow me on Pinterest!
Get 30% off EVERYTHING in the shop with coupon code CYBERMONDAY30
Welcome to Shop Bugaboo!  Here you’ll find fine art, stationary, jewelry, accessories, baby and toddler items, home goods and apparel at a reasonable price. Many of our creations are upcycled, recycled or thrifted and all are brought to you on a dime; our goal is to provide everyone with beautiful, quality handmade and unique items - whatever your budget.  Our Cyber Monday sale gives you a whopping 40% off everything in the shop!  It begins at midnight on Sunday and runs until midnight on Monday, and will include many new listings of stationary, jewelry, wreaths and more!  Be sure to stop over for your Christmas shopping and decor needs!


Fields of Gold wrapped washer necklace
Sunshine Wreath
Season's End - Watercolor

And just for fun, would you like to see some of the new stuff up over at Shop Bugaboo?  Awesome, because I already uploaded the photos and all, so you're stuck with it regardless.

(Yep, I made another wreath.  I kind of love this one.)

(My sister started designing greeting cards.  You'll love her Christmas ones, too!)

(My sister IL did this little guy.  And he's ADORABLE.  You can buy them single-ly or in sets of three.)

(Yes!  I updated the Stay-Put Bookmark!  It's fabric now!  And reversible!)

(My mom did this one.  She added another hat as well.  They are so darn cute.  Plus, that's my cutie pie modeling.)

(My sister added another original piece of artwork.  Watercolor and ink.  Also, big news: She's listing all of her originals now, not just prints.  AWESOME!)

So, there you have it!  Our huge Cyber Monday sale will give you lots of options for gifts!  Plus I'll be adding more stuff throughout the week.  Including some more wreaths, because, you know, I'm the wreath lady.  And there will probably be more sales throughout the coming month as well!

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