Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A facelift.

1 antique (read: old and ucky) silverish metal mug holder: $2.

1 pastel floral with large fake metal ribbon/bow "tied" (read: tacky) metal candleholder: $1.

1/4 can of "Bright Idea" Krylon Spray Paint: On hand.  (read: $0)

One pliers, one wrench, one hammer, one vice grips (read: REALLY STUBBORN fake metal ribbon/bow thing): On hand.

Jewelry at my fingertips, finally: Priceless.

Well, actually, $3.  Which was the total cost of this project.  I love using stuff for other stuff.  That little table they rest upon?  Actually my VANITY!  Which I'm not quite ready to show yet.

Oh, and worth mentioning, that lovely yellow crocheted bracelet there?  The one that looks like this?

The wonderful Mandy made me that.  Read her blog.  You'll love it.  You can find the tutorial here.

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1 comment:

Robin Ange said...

An old metal cup holder and Krylon spray! Brilliant. Please link this beauty up to upcycled awesome!

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