Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More belated thanks.

I'd like to justify these belated thank you ideas with the philosophy taken from Joseph B. Wirthlin that we should "Live in Thanksgiving Daily."  You might recognize that quote from this printable.  So in the spirit of living more gratefully all the time, here are some more Thanksgiving decorations.

(At least that's what I'm telling myself.  But the real truth can be found here, on this printable.)

So.  You've got yourself some leaves with inked edges.  And some accordion flower things.  And some folded springy flower things.  (What, you ask?  Here's a link to those!)

There's no way you used the millions you made on your garlands - unless you've festooned your entire house - so let's make a wreath!

Because I must make a wreath for every holiday.

Now, I may have failed to mention in all of the cutting, inking, punching holes and stringing hullabaloo that you need to leave some leaves unpunched.  So don't get punch drunk.  

Grab yourself a wreath form.  I used one that looked like this:  

because I had it in my stash.  See how the edges are squared?  I like that.  Anyway.  Wrap it up in twine.

You'll probably notice that there are actually no less than three different types of twine on this baby.  That's totally unnecessary.  You could use all the same kind.  If you don't run out of it a quarter of the way through wrapping, and then run out of the second kind and sort of want to shoot yourself in the foot because you left this until the last minute so you don't have any time to go out and buy more of the same kind of twine.  Then you'll have to use three.  Like I did.  But that's ok, because a lot of it can be covered.  No one will ever know.  Unless you get on your blog and tell everyone.  Ahem.

So, it's all wrapped in twine.  Now, glue on some leaves.  Hot glue is probably the best idea for this project.

And some flower-y things.

And just be random.  

The key is to layer and overlap.  Bunch things together in a random yet pleasing pattern.  You can do it.  

I know, no real instructions.  I love that kind of craft.

And there you go.  Loop some twine around the top and hang her up.

Ah, so pretty.

And full of thanks.  

Too bad she only hung on my door for like a day.  Literally.  Because now my door looks like this.

But guess what.  You can totally buy her on etsy.  Yep.  I'm giving this beauty up.  AND our sale is extended until Saturday!  (Because some people let me know they didn't know what my coupon code was, and I felt bad.  It's ABUGCHRISTMAS11.  No excuse now!)

So go buy her.  And your fingers won't end up as numb little nubs from cutting out a billion and 2 leaves by hand.

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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