Monday, December 13, 2010

mr has started calling me the wreath lady.

And I'm not sure if I like it.  

But, in any case: Christmas wreath number two!  I warned you it would be coming... I promise I’ve been doing more than making wreaths - mostly making Christmas presents.  None of which can be shown here ahead of time, sorry.  That makes blogging about my crafting right now a little harder.  But I assure you I have a few more decor ideas and some presents from last year to share, so it won’t be boring!  Well, maybe I shouldn’t make any promises...
This wreath is really easy!  Anyone can do it - promise!  I know there are several versions of this floating around out there in blogland, but I’ll show you the process of creating my particular version - the Purely “Ornamental” wreath.
You’ll need:
a wire hanger - preferably a nice, thin, cheap one.  The cheaper the better.
different sizes/colors of ball ornaments.  (Make sure that the top of the ball, where the string or hanger attaches, is large enough for the wire to fit through.  I had that issue with a few.)
Jingle bells
What else?  Hot glue gun!
Take your hanger and unwind it at the hook.  The idea is to save the curvy hook part to hang the wreath from, but as I was unwinding, I broke the hook off.  So try not to do that.
Once it’s unwound, and you have a long wire, straighten it as best you can.
Now gently bend it around into a circle, so you get the basic shape, but leave the ends free.
Start sliding your balls and jingle bells on.  Don’t slide them on with the strings - if they have strings.  In fact, cut the strings off.  Totally useless.  Just slide them on the wire from the little metal hole that attaches to the ornament itself.
Make sure to randomize it.  

A little red, a green, some silver, big, tiny, medium, tiny... you get the idea.  No pattern.  

Just make sure it’s aesthetically balanced.

When you get everything on there the way you want, stretch the ends of the hanger together and twist them.  (If you broke your hook off too, this is where you improvise a little hook/loop of your own.
Now, some balls will be turned to the backside of the wreath, which is kind of annoying, so this is where the hot glue comes in.  
For those balls that are particularly ornery, simply place it in the position you want, facing the direction you want, and squeeze some hot glue right where it connects to the wire hanger.  
really blurry, sorry.  You can see the glue, though, right?
The hot glue isn’t holding the wreath together, so you don’t have to worry about it being sculpturally stable or anything.  You just want a little support here and there to keep those stubborn balls in place.
Now look - beautiful!  

And that took you like what?  10 minutes?  Seriously.  I should rename it.  The ridiculously easy ten minute very pretty Christmasy wreath.  But that’s too long to fit on the photo.
Hang it on up.  
And it brings just the right amount of cheer to your door!
Now let’s see... where else can I put some wreaths?  I’ve got several other ideas... 

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Unknown said...

i agree with your husband! you are THE wreath lady. another fantastic Kimberly-craft!

Jill said...

Super cute!! And so what if you like wreaths!! If I were you I'd tell your husband that I was going to make the next one to go around his neck! ;)

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

I already follow your blog, but I saw your link on Upcycled Awesome and had to pop over and say how cute this wreath is! I always hated them growing up (my mom was obsessed) but now...I make them all the time! Ha! :)

Artbyasm said...


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