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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm all over easy. ALL over it.

Well, once I had the heart-toe shoes and the hand-stamped arrow pants, there was just one more thing the little miss needed to finish off the Valentine outfit.  Hair-wear.
She's no longer a fan of ponies (which is devastating to me), but I can USUALLY convince her to let me throw a headband in her wild, staticky, crazy, mop of stick straight hair.  You know, so she doesn't completely look like a street urchin.

I did NOT have a ton of time for said head-wear.  There would be no sewn flowers, yo-yo or otherwise.  Nothing like this.  Or this.  Or this.

In fact, I was fairly certain I wouldn't have time for it at all, but at the very last moment my brain thought this up and since it took about 2 minutes tops, I deemed it doable.

But since that's a really long title (descriptive though!) we're just going to call them No-Sew Headband Embellishments.
Again, I'm not sure the headbands are cute, or if it's just the girl wearing them...

In any case, Here's the "tutorial".  (I need a category for tutorials that are so easy they can't really be considered tutorials.  tuteasials?  We'll think on that.)

Here's what you'll need:

I prefer the skinny fabric-y type headbands over the plastic ones with teeth.  The teeth stay in better, but mini hates them.  You can use whatever kind you want, but you might have to adjust the cutting/sliding described.

1. Gather your materials.  Scissors, felt, headbands.  Also, cute girl.  Also, you may want a pencil, but it's optional.
2. Cut cute shapes out of your scrap felt.  I did all of mine freehand which explains the wonky stars, but I kind of like that look - as you well know.  I cut stars, a four leaf clover, hearts, flowers, and a rectangle + bow shape (and to do the bow, you'll also need a little piece of yarn.  See below)
3. Take a shape and fold it in half.  Cut a tiny slit in the middle.  
4. Then cut another tiny slit just below, parallel to the first one.
5. Slide your headband through the two slits - weaving it from back to front and then to back again.
6.  Here's the backside (or inside) of the headband/star.
7.  And slide any other embellishments you want to group together onto the headband.  You'll see that I layered a blue star with a white star on top in the middle there.  I just made sure to cut the slits so the stars were askew of each other, then slid them onto the headband together.


Here's the deal with the bow.
1. You'll need your rounded rectangle, your bow shape and your yarn piece.
2. Fold the rectangle in half.
3. Fold it in half again, so it's really in fourths.
4. Cut one small slit near the middle apex, not the outer edges.
5. Open it up completely and lay the bow shape in the middle - between the two slits.
6. Fold the bow in the middle.
7. Tie the yarn tightly around the fold and secure in a double knot.
8. Jiggle the yarn over a bit from center and locate the two slits which are now bunched together.  Slide the headband through the two slits.
9. Move the yarn back into place and adjust the bow so it sits where you want it.

Voila!  The best thing about this craft is that the variations are never ending.  The embellishments are impermanent so you can make whatever you want and slide it on and off.  Wear the headband plain.  Wear it with a bunch of felt pieces.  Wear it with only one.  Group different kinds of embellishments together.  Wear the felt pieces off to the side.  Or the other side.  Or in the center!  All different color combos, all different shapes, all different possibilities - and all you really need is ONE headband and some felt!

Oh, yes.  The other best thing about it is that it's really cute.  And your little will likely think it's pretty fun to model the possibilities.

Oh, wait.  The OTHER really best thing about it is that, did I mention?  IT'S EASY!  A few minutes, done and done!

This might be my new favorite photo of this silly girl.  No, I did not tell her to pose.  She just decided to get all modely on her own.

Or maybe this is my new favorite.  It's more like her normal appearance.  

Whichever.  Yea for easy holiday embellishments that don't cost me a dime and take no time at all!  Woo hoo!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More stuff with popsicle sticks.

Apparently there's some kind of popsicle stick obsession over here. What can I say?  Craft sticks and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Don't believe me?  Behold:

For this episode of
gifts kids can make title button photo 609ced11-6876-4692-a1a5-e445a9e0fe94_zps9d901afc.jpg

we combine a number of our current obsessions, including bright colors, cute ribbon, craft sticks and - OF COURSE - washi tape.  Yea!
Want to make some with your kidlets?
They really are as easy as they look.

You'll need:

Let me take a moment to have a bit of an aside here.  I am not a spokesperson for crop-a-dile (or whoever makes them.  Is that a Stampin' Up thing?) nor do I sell them, own stock in them or receive anything at all for endorsing them.  BUT.  I just want to say, these things are really great.  Two different sized punches, a small and even smaller size, that punch through pretty much ANYTHING.  For that alone they rock, but they also do eyelets.  So yeah.

Anyway, that's why I like crop-a-diles.  They punch right through a wood craft stick.  RIGHT THROUGH.  And now, so this doesn't sound anymore like an infomercial than it already does, let's just move on, shall we?  Great.


1. You take a craft stick.  (or three)2. You decorate your stick with washi tape.  Any old way you want.
3. You use your crop-a-dile and
4. punch a hole in the top of the stick.

5. You cut some ribbon, twine, yarn, what have you.  
6. Fold it in half.
7. Stick the loopy middle part through the hole, 
8. put the two ends through the loopy part 
9. and pull tight.
10. VOILA!

My son was pretty overjoyed when I gave him free reign over my "fancy tape."  He loves this stuff as much as I do!  He made a bookmark for each of his aunts and uncles for Christmas, and Zoe made one for her oldest cousin.

The only part they needed help with was feeding the thicker ribbon through the little hole.

Because they're super easy - and fun - to make, you can whip up a bunch in no time for Valentine's Day for your classmates!  

If you want to hand yours out for Valentine's Day, here's a free printable!  (You can click on it down at the bottom of the post)

Just print out the printable on card stock, cut out the cards, cut a slit on the top and a slit on the bottom and slide your stick through.  There's a front and back to print out on the same card stock, so your kids can write names and sign the back.

(Also, I got the Valentine themed washi tape in the dollar section at Target.  Hello??  Love that spot.  Go get some, quick!  I should perhaps point out that bug insisted on "boy" bookmarks as well, since apparently boys like neither hearts nor pink.  Hence the mustaches on yellow.)

Ah, love...
Bookmark Valentine Front photo bookmarkvalentinefront_zps7370499e.jpg Bookmark Valentine Back photo bookmarkvalentineback_zps62b6287d.jpg

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

As if you need more ideas.

Well, I just can't help it.  I have to show you a few things I've pinned for Valentine's Day.  I'll admit: it wasn't until I saw all the cute ideas out there in the creative world that I finally started enjoying crafting and decorating for the festival of luuuv.  So, now that I've found a reason to celebrate the holiday, I'm sharing it with you.  Instead of a preview post.  I knew you'd understand.  

(50 of other people's ideas, and a few of mine)

1. Love Reminder - Moorea Seal
2. Succulent gift - See Kate Sew
3. I "Dew" Love You - Detail-Oriented Diva
4. Love Jar - A Well Crafted Life
5. 52 Reasons I Love You - Paper Vine
6. Sock Valentine  - Thirty Handmade Days
7. 7 Days of Love - The Dating Divas
8. Starburst gift - I heart naptime
9. 12 Months of Dates - The Thinking Closet

1. Play Doh - g*rated
2. Lego Accessories - Chez Beeper Bebe
3. Light Sabers - Cute as a Fox
4. Sucker - Somewhat Simple
5. Monster Push Ups - Repeat Crafter Me
6. Pencils Arrows - The Cottage Market
7. Mini Bow and Arrow - Merrythought
8. Whoopee Cushion - Paging Supermom
9. I Pick You - JackOLyn Murphy
10. Glow Sticks - kommunicated

Giant "Kiss" Rice Krispie Treats - Home Stories A to Z
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake - Cooking Classy
Heart Peanut Butter Blossoms - Eighteen 25
Heart Pancakes -
Heart Coconut Cookies - Best Friends for Frosting
Sweet Swirl Cookies - Pretty Prudent
Apple Hearts -

1. Edible Tic Tac Toe - Rook No. 17
2. Pop-up Heart - Surprise DIY
3. Jellybean bracelets - Grey Luster Girl
4. mosaic hearts - source unknown.  Pinned here.
5. "thumb"body loves you - Raisin Boat Blog
6. Painted Heart Bag - V and Co
7. Bingo - My Favorite Finds
8. Clothespin Gator - A Mom Not a Professional Nor a Perfectionist
9. Felt Bookmarks - bhg

1. Photo Strip Heart Garland - Scrapper Girl
2. Heart Topiary - Grey Luster Girl
3. Reclaimed Wood Valentine Sign - Thirty Handmade Days
4. Moss Art -
5. Feathered Arrows - I heart Naptime

6. Paper Heart Wall Art - Honeybee Vintage
7. Valentine's Wreath - The Polka Dot Chair

1. Mock Bow Tie - JoJo and Eloise (also check out her Mock Heart Vest and mock tie!  SOOOO cute!)
2. Painted Heart Jeans - For The Love Of
3. No-Sew Heart Elbow Patches - A Night Owl
4. Wire Heart Ring - Maize Hutton
5. Shaggy Heart Dress - Make It and Love It
6. Heart Pocket Skirt - Simple Simon and Co

Are you all set for this Friday?  I'm totally not.  But that's completely normal.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Little Dotty.

Yep.  I jump on bandwagons.  It's true.  The thing is, even when I swear I'm not as far behind the bandwagon jumping as it seems I am, there's very little evidence since I always post my versions months after the millions of other versions have debuted since I am - all together now - such a procrastinator!  In any case, I made some DIY polka dot tights.

Slightly different than other versions I've seen.

I was crushing on some tights from Old Navy for mini.  They were so cute with their red and their tiny white dots and their knit...
BUT.  They were 8 bucks (plus tax and shipping and stuff) that I didn't really NEED to spend, when I figured I could create the look myself.

Here's what you need:

So.  I got some little $4 tights at target.  (not knit, but that was better for painting, I figure)  I already had an Elmer's Paint Pen in white and the adorable little girl, so total this was only a $4 project for me!

And because I like showing you the abundantly obvious, here's a photo tutorial!

Put the tights on the adorable little girl.  Have her stand on something tallish so you can sit in a chair and be at leg height.  I suggest a table - which she thought was hilarious for .2 seconds and then promptly became terrified of.
Now.  Take your paint pen, and following the instructions for use on the pen, dab tiny little dots all over the front of one leg of tights.  All over.  Totally random.  No order, no lines.  Just poke the pen on there.  Now, I suggest doing a few square inches at a time, then going back over them and moving on, then going back over those and moving on.  You may have to go over them up to 3 times total - that's what I did.
Now, do the same for the front of the other leg.
Do the back of one leg.  
Then the other back.

And you're done!  I didn't bother to do the heel or bottom of the feet, or go up higher then the upper thigh since none of that will even be seen.

And though they aren't a perfect match to the Old Navy tights, I'd say they're a good less than half price equivalent!

I love this girl in tights.  Look at those twiggy legs!

Figured these babies will be perfect for Valentine's Day!  If you want to get REALLY fancy shmancy, you can draw little hearts (by basically making a wide, curvy "v").

(and in true mom fashion, I couldn't stop taking pics once I started...)

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