Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everyone loves a parade.

Remember that one time I competed in One Month to Win it?  I know, ages ago, right?  I definitely planned on showing you my tutorials from OMTWI well before this, but life happens, right?  Last week we got our ducks in a row for our house appraisal, which meant I was busy with other tasks I can show off at a later time - everything from cleaning and laundry to repairing the porch railing and sprucing up our kids' bathroom vanity.  It was quite the few days getting everything ready.  (And no, we're not moving, just refinancing, so don't go starting rumors.)

ANYWAY.  I can now, FINALLY show off some OMTWI tutorials!  I have two yet to share, but they will both come as a series of posts, since there are multiple parts.  On to the Kids Can Craft submission!

I wracked my brain for something I new my kids would love.  Something that would last the summer, and maybe longer.  Something inventive and new.  And due to it being summer, and all the fanfare that brings, I came up with "Parade in a Box!"  Because everyone loves a parade, right?

First, I decided on several different musical instruments that I knew the kids could help me make.  I asked bug for his opinion as well.  We chose:
And bug, being bug, insisted upon Maracas.

Then I knew we'd need a baton for directing the parade, and flags for waving.  Every parade needs spectators and those spectators need flags.

Oh, and for the curious, YES, all of these homemade instruments do actually work.  Not one of them is purely decorational.

For the purposes of these tutorials, I will begin with the wind instruments.  

First off, the bugle.

You'll need:
10' Extension hose (1 hose will make two bugles)
Hot glue
Duct tape

Ready?  Get out your hose.

Cut it in two - pretty much right in the middle - though you don't need to be too precise.

I just use my old scissors and it worked well.

Put some hot glue around the skinny end of the funnel.

Stick the funnel in the cut end of the hose - leaving the end of the hose with the attachment alone.

 Cover this with duct tape, for some extra security.

This part is optional, but I decided to spruce it up a little.  I took pieces of duct tape and wrapped them around the hose randomly to add stripes.  Just a little more interesting that a plain green garden hose.

Next, wind your hose around, so that it forms a loop and the metal attachment and the funnel are opposite each other on the top of the loop.  Use duct tape to secure the ends of the hose to the loop.

Now, you need to squish the hose down into a trumpet shape.  Just squeeze the bottom and top of the loop of hose together, then use a long piece of duct tape across the middle to connect them.

And you've become a boogie woogie bugle boy!  (It's a bugle not a trumpet, see, because there are no valves.  So, it takes some practice to move up and down in pitch, but you can do it!)

Now, to the harmonica.  Yes, I know.  It's not really a wind instrument.  But it's not really in a parade either, so whatever.

You'll need:
Two craft sticks
Two small rectangles of paper
One large, wide rubber band
Two smaller, skinny rubber bands
Scotch tape

Coolest thing about this?  I had it all on hand.

First, we used some markers to decorate.  Because it was just too plain.  Although, if you're worried about toxicity of markers against your children's lips, maybe skip that.  Or just don't blame me.

Lay one stick on top of the other.  Wrap one piece of paper loosely around both sticks on one end, and secure the end of the paper with tape.  Do NOT tape the paper to the sticks.

Do the same thing to the other piece of paper on the other end of the sticks.

Slide the top stick out of the paper loops.  Stretch the big, wide rubber band around the bottom stick with the papers on it, the long way.

Put the other stick over the top of this and secure it to the bottom stick at each end with the skinny rubber bands.

Here's what the other side looks like:

 You put your mouth on the middle of the sticks, over the rubber band and blow.  The paper pieces act as sliders, and as you blow, you slide them along the stick and the pitch changes.

She's got the blues.

Stay tuned for percussion instruments, extras, and pulling it all together!

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Two Shades of Pink said...

What kid would not absolutely love this! The bugle just cracks me up and I absolutely love all of it! So creative!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

So creative post! You are very talented! First time here...and loved your space totally! What a colourful, cute site you got:) Thanks for sharing!
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Katherines Corner said...

What a fun idea! I'm happy I hopped over to your lovely blog.Hugs!

Deebi27 said...

What clever ideas! Unfortunately although I love these ideas, I can't use in class...transfer of germs from one child to another.

I can always hope and pray that I someday have grandchildren and all of these fab ideas I can use at that time...yes I will save these blogs!

Mandy England said...

Again, it's an absolutely adorable idea! LOVE it! :)

Recruiting Team said...

Be still my beating, musical heart. Thank you!

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