Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th! And more...

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

Last night I decided that this particular holiday was probably my second favorite of the year - next to Christmas, of course.  It was a fun discovery to make.  I love holidays that celebrate something so very special.  (I know you're thinking "isn't that EVERY holiday?"  But as much as I love Halloween I don't for the life of me know what special real-life significance it holds. Also, St. Patrick's Day.  Need I say more?)

In the coming days you will see:

Deliciousness.  With a recipe.

Animals.  With funny faces.  Because I can't resist.

Some of this cuteness.  With a tutorial.

And I'll finally be wrapping up all that jazz from One Month to Win It:

A whole lotta noise.  With household supplies.

A nod to the nautical.  With stripes.  And buckets.

I have failed to mention until this point that I did, in fact, place second in OMTWI this season - which leaves me thrilled and elated.  First place went to the uber talented Tori from Apostrophe Designs.  I went up against her in SYTYC (for a whole two weeks) as well.  Go check her out. And I also failed to mention how fun it was.  So check out OMTWI too.  But I will mention all of that later, so the failures will be compensated for.

Also up this week:

1. A super exciting surprise guest poster for my "Life's a Picnic!" series!  Oh, I'm excited!  
2. Nursing some ba-ad sunburn.  And I've been so careful all summer...
3. A few shout outs from the "Life's a Picnic!" Party.  Join us!
4. Folding Mt. I've Ignored You For So Long You're Wrinkled to Half Your Size Laundry.
5. Yummy Monday - on TUESDAY!

And furthermore, I have a heckofalotta crafts and random projects yet to teach you in tutorial form.  Some I am way excited about.  And even more furthermore than that, I've got some show and tell items WITHOUT tutorials.  

There's so much to do!  The holiday I took is officially over.

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


elizabeth said...

DArling romper!!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

That funny face animal...hilarious!

Unknown said...

okay--i TOTALLY voted for your projects at OMTWI...first because i was like 99% sure it was yours...but mainly because I LOVE IT!!! hope you got some awesome family photos in those outfits because they were SO stinkin' cute!!!

Tori said...

I loved all of your projects from SYTYC and OMTWI it! Fun to participate with you on both! :) I have loved reading your blog!!

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