Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Oh, I know you thought I was channeling my inner Carly Simon.  But really, I'm talking about this kind of vanity:

That, my friends, is my kids' bathroom.  They don't take very good care of it.  Of course, they ARE three and one, so maybe that's why.  The above picture is the only one I could find readily available that showed the state of the vanity at all... It was taken after I discovered just why bug had been so quiet during quiet time.  Noiseless = destruction at my house.  Just so you know, I don't really keep the bathroom this dirty.  bug had gotten into EVERYTHING - smearing Vick's Vaporub all over the mirror and sink, spraying mr's shaving cream around, playing with the nail clippers, throwing toilet paper all over, and - to top it off - attempting to flush an entire bag of wipes down the toilet, then swinging the dirty plunger around while he tried to unclog it.  See the cabinet door - how it's hanging off it's hinges?  bug did not like the fact that they are "childproof", which obviously does not mean "bug proof."  Did I mention this happened that one week mr was in South America and I had been dealing with destructive, atrocious, crazy, and scary occurences like this for TWO and 1/2 WEEKS??  

Huh.  Not sure how I got off on THAT tangent.  Just wanted to let you know why my bathroom is a disaster in the ONE before shot I have.  When the family and I were away in Utah months and months ago - like last summer, I think - our toilet leaked all over our bathroom.  We came home to standing water and some damage to the wall and - worse - the vanity.  It was not good, people, not good.  Then, when bug was in one of his destructive moods, he decided to peel up the bubbling veneer on the side of the vanity - near the toilet.  He ended up ripping about a quarter of the veneer off that side completely.

Fast forward.  You may remember I mentioned a refi we were trying to get ready for.  Obviously as part of the process we needed to get our house appraised, and mr (for some odd reason) was concerned about the state of our water-damaged bathroom.  So I said I'd take care of it.

Two days, three full sheets of sandpaper, some Cool Lagoon paint, and a bit of frustration and made up swear words later, no visible water damage!! 

It was harder than I'd anticipated, but I like it so much better than that oak color.  So all the work and effort was worth it.  Notice I repaired the door that was falling off it's hinges as well.

Any items that used to live on top are now tucked away inside, as it should be.  Goodbye lime green!

I wasn't sure about the color at first, but it has definitely grown on me.  I've even decided on a "scheme" for the rest of the room.  

Now that the cabinetry is so light, the room is really washed out.  I think there may be some gray and white stripes in my future.  Maybe some pops of orange?  It only took us a year to get the vanity done.  We'll see how long the rest takes.

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