Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Fashionista

Ok, I promise, this is the last pumpkin thing I've got to share with you.  Besides some features a little later.  And a roundup.  Ok, so this is the third to last pumpkin thing I have to share with you.

As I was jumping around pinterest a while ago, I noticed this:

From here.

And this:

From here.
And I thought, look at that!  You can find pumpkin EVERYWHERE!  Now, I have never claimed to be a fashionista... I try to not look frumpy and that's as far as my goals carry me.  I do find a lot of things I like in the fashion world - and either would never have the money to buy, couldn't pull them off due to body shape or age, or simply don't have the guts for, which leads me to pining.  And Pinning.  Kind of the same thing to me.  Anyway, I don't claim, by any means to know what looks good with what or how to pull an entire outfit together or whatever.  BUT I decided to go on a pumpkin fashion hunt of my own, just for fun.  

Here are some thing I found:

From All Things Chic
Love this Blumarine trench and boots!  Found here.

This awesome pumpkin blouse from Anthropologie even has circles on it - totally reminiscent of pumpkins.  Or am I crazy?

Anyway... I started finding so many things I LOVED that I decided to put some collages together, for you fashion lovers out there.  **Again, see disclaimer above.  Thank you.

There's plenty of pumpkin in this years trends.  These first shots are all from ModCloth:

I can't pick one favorite, seriously, but I love that necklace, the sweater dress (which, let's be honest here, would have to be a tunic for me...), and that short lacey skirt.  Love.  The ombre dress is also killer, but I could never in a million years wear it.

Is it ok to admit to you that this was my first time really perusing ModCloth?  Is that confession, like, suicide on my part?  In any case, I drooled over their clothes - DROOLED.  It was disgusting, really, and a good thing no one was around.  How embarrassing.

This next set is from Shabby Apple.  You know I love a good Shabby Apple dress.  What am I saying?  They're all good. 
But that Pumpkin-toned Scholar Skirt there with the pleats around the bottom?  That's far and away my FAVORITE.

And here's a Marc Jacobs.  Because he's like a big designer and all.  And I like this coat.
Which I found on the Marc Jacobs site.

NOW, would you like to see my little contribution to the world of PUMPKIN FASHION?

I made myself this little number:

I'm sure you've seen these upcycled t-shirt scarf-like necklaces around.  I used scraps from 3 different t-shirts.  

I just cut them into strips, pulled to make them skinny and curled, and then wound a strip around the ends to hold them together.

I kind of love it.  Even though it was so easy it's shameful.

Believe it or not, I don't have a headache in this picture.  This is what happens when the batteries in your camera die and you realize you have none so you run out to get some and then forget the shopping bag they're in at the store and can't go back to get it because your kids are napping so you can't use an actual camera and tripod to take semi-decent pictures and have to resort to your phone's insufficient attempts.  PLUS I can't model.  Not even a necklace.

This pumpkin is a much better model than I.

Now, would any of you fashionistas out there like to tell me what my family should wear in our next family photos???

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kimberly! Thanks for featuring so many of our products! We love pumpkin too. :) Have a great day!

Sandra @ModCloth

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