Sunday, November 20, 2011

Festive Veggie Tray

I thought I'd share a simple idea with you for dressing up the veggie tray this year.  You have veggie trays at your Thanksgiving dinner, right?  That's not just us?  Well, in any case, I did this for my son's preschool Halloween Party just for fun and was going to share it during "Pumpkinspiration" week, but the week turned into longer, and then I had to end it before we all puked pumpkin.  

But pumpkins aren't just for Halloween, and this little idea translates really well to the Thanksgiving table.

Not really novel, but cute nonetheless.  Just take your average pumpkin, and chop the top of it off - about an inch down so you take off the stem and all.  Then scoop out all the gooey insides.

Which is actually why I stopped carving pumpkins, though I blame it on kids that are too young to brandish knives.  I just can't stand the feel of all that slimy goo all up my arms, drying on all the hairs and getting all sticky... blech.  Anyway, when you scoop it out, you'll really want to get it as clean as possible.  Scoop into the fleshy part of the pumpkin, as much as you can without poking through the whole thing.

Then cut little triangles all around the top.

Next, you'll want to wash the whole thing really well, inside and out.  Get all the goop and dirt off.

Now, place a small bowl or similarly shaped item upside down in the very center of the inside of the pumpkin.

Fill around the small bowl with your fresh veggies.  I alternated colors as I went around, as you can see.  Orange, white, green, red, white, green.  I think it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not a food critic.  Or designer.  Or chef or whatever you'd call it.

Next, you'll take one of those mini pumpkins - like a gourd - and cut the very top/stem off and scoop out all the insides; which, I'll have you know, was much more difficult than gutting the big one.  What the heck.  Then make your dip and fill the little pumpkin.  Put it on the small bowl.
And voila!  Cute veggie tray that is very festive.  You should probably be careful when transporting though, or you'll end up with broccoli in the console and dip all over your right hand - fishing mushrooms out from under the seats of your Escape for two months.  Not that I know that from experience or anything...

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