Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sloppy Joes

Nope, not to eat.  To wear.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me just say...

I started an organizational project today.  However, I did NOT get it done today (no surprises there...) so there’s not a whole lot to say about operation organization (except that it’s a lot of work.)  (And truth be told, I’m not good at it) (There, I said it) (Phew.  It’s good to get that off my chest).
So do any of YOU have some good ideas for organization?  I mean ANY organization?  I could use all the help I can get.  Are you a whiz in the kitchen?  Do you organize the office like nobody's business?  Does your laundry room run like a well-oiled clock?  Heck, have you got a sock drawer you’re proud of???  Then I want to hear from you!  (I sound like some weird plea from lawyers organizing those mass civil suits on commercials on tv... “do you have long-term memory loss after running into a door at walmart?  After you were exposed to the door, did you notice acute hearing loss?  Then we want to hear from you...”)  Anyway, I’m serious.  Leave me a comment.  And bring your friends.
In lieu of an organizational post today, I give you: 

I got this idea right here, on a LBB (Lil Blue Boo).  It’s a great blog full of upcycled awesomeness, and there’s a store where you can buy patterns and order custom dresses and everything.  Anyway, I was scoping it out and noticed a post about customizing her daughter’s shoes, which she calls “graffiti shoes”.
Now, I’ve seen customized shoes before - mostly painted by my sister (AKA the AMAZINGLY talented artist).  Hers are incredible.  They are meticulous and balanced and have COMPOSITION -  as if she were just painting flowers and lines and polka dots on a normal canvas.  Unfortunately, I really am not that talented.  I can do stuff.  But paint like a pro?  No.  I wouldn’t even try.
However, the idea on LBB seemed like something I could tackle.  
Here’s what you’ll need:
a pair of canvas tennies (any color, but I think light would work best)
painter’s tape (P.S. I wish I had paid closer attention to the original tutorial which suggests using scotch tape around the edges of the rubber FIRST and THEN putting on the painter’s tape.  Oops.  Well, they turned out ok anyway.)
Paper (thick to protect inside - newsprint, butcher paper, or newspaper would be good) 
acrylic craft paint
brushes of varying sizes
sharpies of varying colors
clear spray paint (I didn't even know they MADE clear spray paint until like three weeks ago.  Um, where have I BEEN??)

Prep the shoes by covering the rubber with painter’s tape and stuffing paper in the inside.
Now, start drawing with the markers.  Words, pictures, anything goes.  (Note: they don't have to end up the same.  In fact, they SHOULDN'T be the same.  That's the point of sloppy joe's shoes...)
Now paint over it.  Don't be shy.  Slap that paint on there.

(*special note:  I had pictures of the process, but I lost a memory card.  Yep, that's right.  All those memories - GONE.  I know, one excuse after the other, right?  It's a good thing this is an easy enough concept...)

Wait for the paint to dry.
Then more marker.

Then more paint.

You get the idea.
I used the handle of a sponge brush to make some polka dots.  (I think this is my favorite part.)
I guess the key here is just to layer, layer, layer.  Even if you think you're covering something up, it will probably show through and look cool.  If it doesn’t, you can redraw or rewrite it.
When you think you’re done, do it some more.  You really can’t over-layer.
Wait for the paint to dry.
Give the shoes a good coat of clear spray paint - not too heavy and shluppy, just nice and even. 
Wait for the paint to dry.
Introduce the kid to his new “sloppy joe’s.”
They are kinda sloppy looking - hence the nickname bug and I gave them, “sloppy joe’s shoes.” (or as bug usually says, "joe shoes.")


We 2 Bees said...

Those are super cute shoes!
I don't know if I have the patience to try that, but they look like fun!
Coming by from New Friend Friday!

Alisa said...

Love it. Especially love the name you gave them. Too cute.

Unknown said...

The turned out great, I love them. Look how talented you are! Love your blog!!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

So cute! Thanks for stopping over and commenting. I'm your newest follower.

I'm hosting my first giveaway!

Sachiko said...

So pretty! My boys would love to have/make shoes like those. Thanks for sharing.

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

So fun! I am featuring this on somewhatsimple this Tuesday! Thanks for the idea!

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