Monday, September 10, 2012

Because sometimes, we just get burned out.

Guys.  I hate it that I have to say this, but I am burned out.  BURNED OUT.  I've been snuffed.  And not with a pretty little metal cone-shaped snuffer, either.  Just a goopy pile of used up wax and wick.  Poof.  Gone.
Are you burned out?  Tell me I'm not the only one right now.  Tell me I'm not alone.

That, combined with skyrocketing grocery bills, has led me to take a serious look at my meal planning.  I mean, honestly.  The price of milk goes up EVERY.TIME.I.GO.TO.THE.STORE.  (I think I just overused the weird CAPITALS.WITH.PERIODS. deal.  Now I'm going to have to make it a thing.)

You'll see more posts about that in the future (not the CAPITALS.WITH.PERIODS. thing.  The taking a serious look at meal planning thing.)  But for now, I wanted to let you know that every now and then, Yummy Monday will be a departure from the norm.  Every now and then it will be:

Because quite frankly, sometimes we all get burned out - and our budgets do too.  So, if you want something for dinner that's quick, easy, doesn't take a lot of thought or effort, and fits the budget nicely, look for the "Yummy Easy Monday" button at the top.  There will be a lot of these coming up.  

For the very first installment of Yummy Easy Monday, we'll be making a foray into the world of RAMAN.NOODLES.  (see how I did that there?)

Raman.  It's what you eat every night of college - not just because it's cheap and you only have an illegal hot plate in your dorm room so it's all you can make, but also because you can't cook.
Raman.  It's only about 3 cents a pouch when it comes right down to it.
Raman.  It's the stuff of champions.

Ok, not really.  Raman can get kind of boring.  "Hey kids!  What would you like to eat tonight?  Overly salty SLIGHTLY chicken-y noodles or overly salty would be beef noodles?"

But I would like to show you how to dress it up.

I fully admit that dressing up your standard raman noodle is not a new concept.  My mom used to do it with scrambled eggs and peas.  (Which I still like.)  But I recently made this recipe up for something a little different and the mr and I loved it.  (The kids, well, they only ate it when forced, but they have unsophisticated palates.) 

Alright.  To make the perfect noodle, fill your pot with water about a third of the way up. (No, I'm NOT being snarky right now, actually, this really is important.)  You see, contrary to popular belief, you must first bring the water to a boil before adding the noodles.  (This has been a point of contention in our household before, so I just thought I'd set the record straight.)  Put your noodles in and let them boil for no longer than 2 and 1/2 minutes.  Seriously.  Any longer and they'll be mush.  Gross.

While you're letting the water boil, you can start the almonds.  Simply melt the butter in a pot and throw in your almonds and sesame seeds  Stir them around.  You don't have to stir or watch them constantly, but if you take your eye off of them, do it only for a second.  I'm serious.  These guys?  They take FOREVER to START to toast, but once it starts, it goes FAST.  Turn around for longer than a second and you've got almond briquettes.  Which is NOT what we're going for.

And drain your noodles.  This photo is totally gratuitous since I know you know what draining noodles look like.  I just liked the steam rising off and couldn't help posting it.

Chop up your veggies.  Try to use a knife that's actually sharp, unlike me.  Not that you can tell in this picture, but trust me, your index finger will thank you.

Now, here's where it gets good.  Put your noodles back in the pot.  Add this:
(depending on taste).  And your vinegar and sugar.

Mix it all up really well.  This next step is super important and will determine the success of your meal.  Taste test.  If there's not enough tanginess, add more vinegar.  If there's too much tanginess, add a little sugar and some olive oil.  OLIVE OIL.  Not more sesame oil, you'll regret it, trust me.

Stir in your almonds, sesame seeds and veggies.

And that's it!  Simply easy!  Simply yummy!

Would you like the actual recipe?  Oh, well, ok.

Right click to download.  

So quick.  So cheap.  Or should I say: SO.QUICK.SO.CHEAP.YUM.

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Jill said...

Love reading your recipes because it's like a whole story/adventure :) have you seen my Asian cabbage salad that has ramen noodles crumbled on it? So good and so cheap! Also, you know you're 'old' when ramen noodles remind you ov Justin timberlake's nsync hair :p

Michelle L. said...

Love this - I have so many of these boring packets in my cupboard. Will try it - and I really like the easy yummy monday idea. More, please!

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