Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh, Baby!

I don't get invited to nearly enough baby showers.  Really.  With all the goodies out there that I'd love to make for someone who will love them and love them hard - well, there just aren't enough showers.  Of course, if I want to go crazy making baby items, I could just start making my own babies I suppose, but that seems like an awful lot of work.
In any case, I couldn't limit myself when I started compiling baby goods.  There are just so many!  The toys!  The blankets!  The teeny, tiny clothes!  Everything is cuter in miniature, right?
I figured, since it was no good limiting myself, that I might as well just go hog wild.  You need ideas, too, right?  So here it is.  The comprehensive list of homemade baby gifts.  Showers, first birthdays, congratulations, happy day, good job new mama, and all of the above!  If someone in your life is having a baby, you need look no further.

Categorized and coded for your easy perusal.  You're welcome.

1. Scrappy Color Book - Oopsey Daisy for Living With Punks (super cute for babies OR toddlers!  I love the texture and the use of itty bitty scraps!)
2. Crinkle Toe Socks - Happy Together on Delia Creates (We had some the kids LOVED and we lost them.  I didn't even THINK to make them myself!)
3. Embroidered Baby Block - Compulsive Craftiness 
4. Monster Grabby - The Crafty Cupboard 
5. Texture Book - Lella Boutique on Craft-O-Maniac (And check out this girl version too!) 
6. Photo Flashcards - Avocado and Papaya on Apartment Therapy (I can't get over these.  How sturdy and awesome.  Babies will love the bright, bold colors, the contrast, the thickness they can grab, and they won't get ruined if they make it in the mouth!)
7. Ribbon Ring Teether Toy - Patchyapple 
8. Rice Toys - The Haps (Well, that's an inexpensive and cute idea...)
9. Little Birdie Crib Rattles - Lark Crafts 
10. Fleece Baby Taggy - May Arts 
11. Wooden Rainbow Arches - Prudent Baby (Honestly?  The cutest variation on your old boring wooden block kit that I have EVER SEEN.)
12. LOOP Toy - Herbst (a very cute take on the wooden teether)
13. Play Mat to Storage Bag - freshly pieced (Ok, this would be really helpful as the child gets older and is playing with a lot of little toys, i.e. legos, BUT, one can never have enough little storage bags, right?  And can't you just picture a little baby enjoying tummy time on this?)
14. Lion Taggy Toy - mmmcrafts 
15. Sock animal rattle (two versions; with a jingle bell!) - Homemade by Jill (It's made out of a sock.  A SOCK, people!)
16. Washcloth Puppet - Running With Scissors (These put my washcloth puppets to shame.  Can I blame it on the dollar store?)

17. Modern Baby Bootie - Tao of Craft 
18. Baby Girl Sandals - Make It and Love It (Adorable.  Really.  Just adorable.)
19. No-Sew Baby Hat - Alisa Burke on ilovetocreateblog (I'll definitely be making a few or 50 of these for the next one.)
20. Fleece Baby Booties This HeArt of Mine on Delia Creates 
21. Little Man Baby Shoes - Shwin & Shwin (I've got to learn to sew better.)
22. Easiest Baby Hat Ever - rookie moms
23. Knit Baby Bonnet - The Purl Bee (If only I could KNIT!!)
24. He's All Boy Baby Cap - This Mama Makes Stuff 
25. Old Purse turned Dressy Baby Shoes - Make It and Love It (Well, looks like someone's going to be cutting up all of her purses...)
26. Crochet Monster Booties - Nerdigurumi 
27. Fruit Salad Hats - Smashed Peas and Carrots for luvinthemommyhood (For the "apple of your eye")
28. T-Shirt Baby Sandals - Tutus and Tea Parties on UCreate 
29. Fortune Cookie Baby Booties - Martha Stewart (Um, hello??  There are no words.)
30. Sun Bonnet - Delia Creates (If this isn't the cutest thing to put on your baby's head, I don't know what is.)

31. Big and L'il Shirts - Little Blue Boo (for those of you who, like me, don't want to leave out the older sibling.)
32. Pom Pom Skirt - kojo designs (Ack!  Giant pom poms!)
33. Guitar Onesie - Pink Tea (If only I knew someone who played the guitar AND just had a baby...)
34. Vest Onesie - B is for Boy 
35. Baby Back Pants - Sew a Straight Line (Because a baby butt is just too cute.)
36. Peanut Swaddler SugarTart Crafts on Naptime Crafters (considering we had to swaddle mini for 9 months, we really could have used something like this.)
37. Socks turned Scratch-Proof Mittens - Made by Joel (Easy and cute.  I'll never buy these again.)
38. Simple Shift Dress - Delia Creates 
39. Baby Tights Upcycle - Made By Rae (I've actually made these before!  So easy and really, really cute!)
40. Monthly Onesies - Boogaboo Handmade
41. Ruffled Flower Onesie - Russ & Camille (I love ruffles AND yellow.  You can't go wrong.)
42. Easy Baby Tie - s-e-i Lifestyle 
43. Sushi Clothing Baby Gift - Creative Dollar (Holy cow.  Imagine this paired with the fortune cookie booties up there.  I just died.)
44. Ruffle Diaper Cover - Sew Much Ado 
45. Baby Boy Dress Shirt - Sew Mama, Sew (You have no idea how hard I searched for a onesie dress shirt for bug when he was tiny.  Could not find one ANYWHERE!)
46. Baby Sunsuit - Made by Rae 

47. Swaddle Blanket - Prudent Baby (Speaking of swaddling your baby for 9 months...)
48. Car Seat Blanket - Running With Scissors (Fall and winter in Wisconsin pretty much REQUIRES something like this.)
49. Patchwork Faux Chenille Blanket - Googiemomma (I can't even imagine the time this took.)
50. Sweet Swaddlers - The Purl Bee 
51. Triple Stitched Blanket - No Big Dill on Delia Creates
52. Ruffled Satin Minky Blanket - sew4home (Such a pretty little version of the minky blanket.  I think that satin ruffle would get a lot of snuggles.)
53. Scrappy Baby Quilt - Frozen Knickers on Cluck Cluck Sew (If only I quilted...) 
54. Serged Chenille Blanket (with mitered corners!) - Delia Creates 
55. Baby Wrap from Receiving Blankets - Shannon Makes Stuff 
56. Faux Chenille Baby Blanket - MADE (Hello, gorgeous.)
57. Ruffle Blanket - MADE
58. Tag Blanket - Homemade by Jill 
59. Winter Buggybag - miclavcic on Instructables (Ooooh, you have no idea how mad the "blanket dragging below the stroller thing" makes me.  You can bet your bippy I'll be making one of these next time.  Winter in Wisconsin, remember?)
60. On the Go Quilt - Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting for Moda Bake Shop (Who do I know that quilts?  Oh, yeah... hey, Mom!)
61. Knit Blanket - Make It and Love It (see the matching baby hats, too!) 
62. Chevron Chenille Baby Blanket - Aesthetic Nest (Holy cow.  It's just... wow.)
63. Minky Blanket - icraft 
64. Self-Binding Receiving Blanket - Piece N Quilt (Self-binding?  Sounds like my kind of blanket!)
65. Knitted Breezy Baby Blanket - Pickles (This makes ME want to sleep...)
66. Gauzy Swaddle Blanket - MADE (These would be perfect for babies born in summer months - not that I would know what that's like)

67. Diaper Pouch - Noodlehead 
68. Pretty Little Felt Mobile - The Speckled Dog (Oh, man, I want one of these.  SO BAD.)
69. Car Seat Cover - calico (I always just threw a blanket over it, but this is way cuter.)
70. Alphabet Art - that's my letter (Ah!  I love flashcard art!)
71. Baby Belly Bag - The Farmer's Nest (Genius!  Just genius!  Very thoughtful and practical.)
72. Baby Name Embroidery - Lines Across My Face
73. Paci Clips - Better Together
74. Baby Breakfast Bib - Spin Cushion
75. Travel High Chair - This Mama Makes Stuff (Wish I'd had one of these instead of using the gross sticky ones at the restaurant.)
76. Crib Sheets - MADE (This would be an especially great gift if you knew the colors of the nursery and could coordinate!)
77. Bapron - Craftiness is Not Optional
78. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art - Two Shades of Pink (gorgeous.)
79. Baby Bling - A Girl and a Glue Gun 
80. Bath Apron - Martha Stewart (I needed one of these tonight!  Or any night it's my turn to bathe the kids...)
81. Mod Diaper Bag - kojo designs
82. Little Man Diaper Clutch - See Kate Sew
83. Vintage Flashcard Art - Chez Larsson (cannot explain my current obsession with flashcard art.)
84. Travel Bib - B is for Boy (So smart)
85. Changing Pad - Smashed Peas and Carrots 
86. Statistics Subway Art - DeandrasCrafts on Instructables

And quite possibly my FAVORITE category for a shower gift:
87. Simple Pajama Shorts - MADE (honestly, every new mom needs some super cute pj's.)
88. Food for Family - Dwell on Joy (Always brilliant, always appreciated!  Probably not great to give at the shower, but still...)
89. Pedicure Set - the little blue room (holy cow, so cute.  The PERFECT compact size to pack for the hospital, too, in case new mom can coerce someone into painting her toes!)
90. Don't Wake the Baby Sign - Sassy Sites (I need one of these even now.  It would say, "If you wake them up, you take them with you.")
91. Pampering in a Jar - Practically Living
92. Nursing Strap - Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar on Delia Creates (Oh, it's brilliant!)
93. Moby Wrap - Elle Apparel
94. Birthstone Necklace - Nadine Art Design 
95. Hospital Kit - Joy is at Home
96. Fancy Eye Mask - A Girl and a Glue Gun
97. Nursing Cover - Sew Much Ado
98. Spa Basket - Sunset
99. Vintage Sheet Pajama Pants - the vintage sheet  blog
100. New Mom Survival Kit - Gifts U Can Make
101. Nursing Pad Pouch - Made By Me Shared With You (Love it!  There's a pouch for EVERYTHING... why NOT nursing pads?  Who wants those floating around out in the open?  Plus, you could put anything in there... diaper bags, snacks, etc...)

And there you have it.  101 great ideas.  101 fabulous, spectacular ideas.  You can make something different every single time someone you know has a baby.  Seriously.  Have fun!

For more Baby gift ideas, be sure to check my "Gifts for all Occasions" pinterest board!

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Suzanne Winter said...

oh my good gravy - cuteness and gift idea overlaod!!!!!! What a phenomenal round up. This is getting pinned immediately so that I can come back and go through all the original source material as I have more time. I'm doing a 'Created Christmas' this year (or I will If I get it started in October like I want to ;op) This is going to help so much with all the little ones. I'm drooling over some of those shoes........

BJ_Mama said...

Yes. I agree. Kimberly, yoy just KILLED me...101 times over! WHere was this 5 years ago before I had my first baby, and I coul dmake all of these before hand....or, now that I actually have 3 babes and I almost don'tknow where to start...I want to make ALL OF THESE.
BTW, My hubby plays guitar and we just had a baby ;)
Oh, and any or all of the other 100 gifts would be fine too. ;)

Unknown said...

ditto--awesome roundup, pinned immediately. sooo many little time!

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