Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yoyo Valentines!

So, I finally have a sort of original idea, I think.  There are probably yo-yo valentines out there somewhere (seriously, do you ever think you have this awesome idea and then it turns out it's been done like 500 times before?)
Well, I found two packs of yo-yo's at the dollar store and realized how cute that would be... if only I could come up with a clever message.
I decided to keep it simple.

In my head, these are perfect for older kids. Though I really don't know for sure since I don't have any yet... but I could picture these going around a 5th grade classroom.  
You need yo-yo's, clear celo treat bags - the small ones, a stapler, double sided tape and the printable card. 

And as you may have guessed, I used the same method I've been using all along - the written instructions for which can be found here.

And that's that.  Super easy, cute and fun for the kids without rotting their teeth.  Though I'm not necessarily opposed to those kinds of valentines.

And here are the printables you've been waiting for:
yoyo valentine green navy and orange photo yoyo3_zpstkvluzyk.jpgyoyo valentine pink photo yoyo5_zpsl29vey73.jpgyoyo valentine pink and black photo yoyo1_zpsy2isguwj.jpgyoyo valentine purple and gray photo yoyo2_zpsacuae3re.jpgyoyo valentine red and gray photo yoyo6_zpseppptvhh.jpgyoyo valentine traditional photo yoyo4_zpspk2xfbz4.jpg

dollar store valentines photo dollarstoreValentines_zps8ad2c7dd.jpg

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