Thursday, February 5, 2015

Butterfly Valentines!

I remember seeing glow in the dark butterflies at the dollar store a while ago, and that's where this idea originated.  However, when I went back, NO GLOW IN THE DARK BUTTERFLIES anywhere.  None.  Darn it.  I figured I'd have to toss the idea completely, but then I came across some adorable tiny butterfly erasers!  Yea!  The best part?  You can make about 8 little valentines from a pack of erasers, so you'd probably only spend about 3 bucks for a whole classroom!

If you'd like to let your kiddo's classmates know how fluttery her heart is, here's the low down.
You need a pack of erasers and some small celo bags - mine are treat bags from Walmart and they're 3.5 inches across.
Put a few erasers in the bag, fold the top down two or three times and staple twice.  Print out the label and fold it - not in half, but right above the text, so the back is longer than the front.
Open it up and put some double sided tape on the front and back.  Lay the bag of erasers down against the back, then fold the tag - pressing down along the double sided tape to secure.  
Kids can write names on the back, and the front is too, too cute!

Look at how adorable these little guys are!  Talk about making your heart flutter...

Ok, probably not.  But they are cute.  And cheap.  And functional!  Perfect.

Ah, yes.  Your printables!
Flutter Multicolor photo flutter4_zps3ae22d15.jpgFlutter Navy and Coral photo flutter1_zpsc31dbd40.jpgFlutter Purple photo flutter2_zps9e2f3657.jpgFlutter Traditional photo flutter3_zpsd187e528.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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