Monday, February 9, 2015

Car Valentines!

Here's an idea I totally can't claim credit for at all.  It was taken from 30 Days, and essentially I just decided to show how you can create it with dollar store materials.  Because they sell fake hot wheels cars at the dollar store (which, ok, I'll admit, it's not like that cheaper than just buying the hot wheels at walmart) but they also sell other car and truck like toys, packs of smaller cars (with multiple cars in one pack) and erasers with cars and bikes (which you can see here) and all of those would work for this valentines message as well.

You'll need clear celo treat bags (the small size), a stapler, double sided tape and the printable card.  

Here's some photos of the process of putting it all together.  It's fairly self explanatory:

But if you'd like to read how to do it, check out this post here for instructions.  I've done all my bagged valentines in this same method.

So there you go!  A cute car valentine your little guy will love to hand out to his friends!

And here's the printable (don't worry, I made sure to include lots of "boy" colors - as per my son's request):
car valentine orange and navy photo car1_zps69jnoixw.jpgcar valentine navy orange and green photo car2_zpsl7q5gnos.jpg
car valentine navy turquoise and fuchsia photo car3_zpsnxrxk5fy.jpgcar valentine pinks photo car6_zpsukqywgrt.jpgcar valentine yellow turquoise and red photo car5_zpswyapckjc.jpg car valentine classic photo car4_zpsznvvsfay.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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