Thursday, February 12, 2015

BONUS! Pen valentines for the teacher!

Thought I was going to stop at 15, huh?  Just because the initial announcement said "15"?  Psh.  I'm a rebel.

I came up with (what I think) is a pretty cute teacher valentine!  It's not going to make them fat, it's not expensive, it's not mushy gushy (that would be my son talking again...), it's useful, it's something they need, and it's cute!
So if those aren't enough reasons for this bonus DIY valentine idea (that can still be made from dollar store materials, mind you) then I don't know what'll convince you!

If your kiddo's teacher is stu-PEN-dous, this is the valentine - and free printable! - for you!

So you can really package them up two different ways.

First, you can give your teacher a whole pack of pens.  You'll need a hole punch (preferably small), twine, pens and the printable card.

Simply punch two holes at the top of the card across from each other horizontally.  Then punch two holes in the pack of pens directly under those holes.  Wrap twine through all of the holes (I wrapped it around the whole package twice) then tie in a bow on the front.

Or, you could just give a single pen - a great option if your child has more then one teacher.
For this option you need the pens, printable card and a craft knife.

Then you just slice two slits in the card, one at the top middle and one at the bottom middle.  Make sure you make the slits long enough to make up for the diameter of the pen. (I find you usually have to make them a little longer than you think you do.)  Then just stick your pen through the slits.

 Voila!  A teacher valentine!

 I think these would make super cute classmate valentines, too (which is why I made the printables a little generic, no "teacher" or anything...).
Just buy a BIG pack of pens and slip one in each card.

Here are the last valentine printables I'm giving you!
Stupendous Pink and Purple photo pen1_zpsm2quxbrn.jpgStupendous Coral Mint and Navy photo pen2_zpseqe2frsv.jpgStupendous Classic photo pen3_zpse3thwkk3.jpgStupendous Pink Blue and Teal photo pen4_zps9ifgdwff.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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Auntie Creates said...

Thanks so much for the idea! It will work nicely for co-worker gifts for me. I'd like to do something special for the people that likely me need to work on Saturday. That's just perfect!

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