Saturday, February 7, 2015

Erasers - but cool ones - Valentines!

As I was scouring my dollar store for ideas, I had some clever, often used sayings in mind.  I couldn't quite make anything new come together, until I saw the wall of erasers.  There are some fun erasers at the dollar store!!  Have you noticed?  I saw so many that would work well, I decided to show a few different versions of eraser valentines to show you how to put them together!

Each valentine begins with "No mistake about it," you know, since they're erasers and all.  You can see the original eraser idea I used for a teacher gift, here.
For the valentines, I went with outer space themed erasers (with shuttles, rockets, saucers and astronauts), puzzle piece erasers (seriously adorable), and the cutest ever bike erasers.

 Ok.  First off, the outer space valentines.  The message reads: "No mistake about it Valentine, You're outta this world!"

All I did was cut out the printable card and use some double sided tape to attach the eraser.

I really like the puzzle pieces.  I think the valentines that use a single puzzle piece with the saying "I'd fall to pieces without you" or "you've got a piece of my heart" are really cute, but I don't get giving a single puzzle piece - what use is that??  Right?  

But these puzzle pieces are erasers so they're cute AND functional.  Plus, the kids can run around trying to fit their pieces together, so that's fun!

Again, I just printed the cards and used double sided tape to attach.

Super easy.  Sensing a theme?

Here's my favorite.  These bikes are cute cute cute.  Plus they're pencil toppers.  Score.  I used the message "I wheelie like you."  (and you can find the inspiration for that here).  

Guess how I attached them?  Yep.  Double sided tape.

I tried to make a variety of colors for the cards - that would appeal to both boys and girls.  Are your boys as picky as mine?  No pink.  No hearts.  No love.  Period.

And just to show you, yes.  The double sided tape does hold up well.  I use scotch brand, though I'm sure there are other good ones.  You can use glue dots too, as I mentioned with the love bug valentines.

So, here's a good idea for a cute, functional, fun and useful valentine - three different ways! 

And here are all the printables you could ever want:
Wheelie Like You Coral and Navy photo wheels1_zps041d08bf.jpg photo space1_zpsxoe4ohzi.jpg space valentine classic photo space4_zpsog3uf02p.jpg space valentine purple and pink photo space5_zpsgsmi11u2.jpg space valentine red orange and blue photo space3_zpsxej2ueq5.jpg space valentines pink purple and turquoise photo space2_zpsepcpdiww.jpg space valentine traditional photo space6_zps3dhsmxte.jpg Puzzle Piece Yellow photo pieces1_zps429f44cd.jpg Puzzle Piece Red photo pieces3_zps75b6e008.jpg Puzzle Piece Pink photo pieces2_zps8656d86b.jpg Wheelie Like You Pink photo pieces4_zpsee6395f7.jpg Wheelie Like You Orange photo wheelie5_zpsdb5e3126.jpg Wheelie Like You Mint and Pink photo wheelie4_zpsd8608129.jpg Wheelie Like You Green photo wheelie2_zpsa5ceceb0.jpg Wheelie Like You Fuschia photo wheelie3_zpsdaa28e89.jpg Wheelie Like You Coral and Navy photo wheels1_zps041d08bf.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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