Monday, February 9, 2015

Crazy Straw Valentines!

 I should probably just have a large disclaimer overhead that reads "NOT ORIGINAL" for these Valentine posts...
You've seen the pins on pinterest - there are several different versions of the crazy straw valentine.  Like the one I originally pinned, this cute heart version, this one with a twist on the message and this adorable one with koolaid included!  So when I saw the pack of 6 crazy straws in the party aisle at the dollar store, I just couldn't resist throwing my dollar store version into the ring!

It's not difficult to do, obviously.  You just need a cutting board, a craft knife, straws and the printable cards.

Lay your straw on the card and mark or eyeball about where you need to cut slits.  (We know which one I did...)  Then just use your knife to cut a small slit top and bottom.  

Then all you have to do is slide the bottom of the straw through the bottom slit, bend the straw a bit, and slide the top of the straw into the top slit.  Done.

I chose to have the cool curvy part of the straw show on the front of the card because I thought it looked more interesting.
But you could slide it in the opposite way and make the curvy part on the back so you can more easily read the message on the card.  

It's totally up to you.  I like this one because with 3 or 4 bucks you can make valentines for the whole class, they're original and not overdone, and the kids will love using them (AKA they won't just end up in the garbage).

Here are the printables!

crazy straw valentine mint and coral photo crazy1_zpsqrg3eft0.jpg
crazy straw valentine traditional photo crazy6_zps7akhd5uo.jpgcrazy straw valentine navy turquoise and green photo crazy3_zpsctb6yb3q.jpgcrazy straw valentine orange and navy photo crazy4_zpsk8opqq9g.jpgcrazy straw valentine pink and yellow photo crazy2_zpsk9rlim5t.jpgcrazy straw valentine pink gray and mustard photo crazy8_zpsamfkmyjc.jpgcrazy straw valentine pink turquoise pink and gray photo crazy7_zpsycqh0u7d.jpgcrazy straw valentine purples photo crazy5_zpsc7soajdk.jpg

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