Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Airplane Valentines!

Here's another fun "boy appropriate" valentine brought to you from the dollar store!  (though, just so you know, I totally don't subscribe to the whole boy toy vs. girl toy.  My boys play with dolls - yes they each have their own - and my girl plays with trucks cars - and she owns several.  There.  I said it.)

So, scanning the toy aisle at the dollar store will bring your attention to some cute metal airplanes.  I like them because they aren't cheap plastic, so they're rather sturdy and there are two in the pack. (granted one is larger than the other, but beggars can't be choosers).  I snapped up these planes and made this:
With the simple message "you are just PLANE cool."  Ha!  I think I'm so clever...

You'll need clear treat bags (as with all the other bagged valentines in this series.) (oh, and by the way, though I got these at walmart, they certainly do have them at the dollar store as well - in the party section), a stapler, double sided tape, the planes and the printable card.

And then (you may have guessed it) you will follow the same method for packaging these guy up as you have done before.

Easy as that!  

Your airplane valentines are sure to be a success - and will be played with a ton, rather than tossed after breaking the very first day.

And here are all your printables!
plane valentine navy orange and green photo plane5_zps5anine3y.jpgplane valentine orange turquoise and navy photo plane6_zpssymhl1cy.jpg
plane valentine traditional photo plane2_zpseu905zlk.jpg
plane valentine pink mint and jade photo plane1_zpseb0chocb.jpgplane valentine pinks photo plane3_zpsfoj555hx.jpgplane valentine purples photo plane4_zpsbwcozlnm.jpg

dollar store valentines photo dollarstoreValentines_zps8ad2c7dd.jpg

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