Friday, February 6, 2015

Love Bug Valentines!

I'm sure you've seen "love bug" valentines out there.  There are some adorable versions, including this one with mason jar cards for those little bug catchers.  

I found a pack of insects at the dollar store - 10 for $1!  So you can complete your classroom valentines for 2-3 bucks, which is always a good thing!

Here are some pictures of the process:
All you need are the printable cards, the insects and double sided tape.  An alternative to the double sided tape would be glue dots - though in my experience the double sided tape held well.

And just like that, in about 2 minutes, you've got 10 valentines checked off.  And they're... well, actually, I have to be honest.  I find them kind of creepy.  Especially that one with pinchers.  Eeeeek!  But I know my son loves them, so I suppose that's what matters??

I personally love the ladybug.  If there was a pack of all ladybugs I would totally go that route.  Look how cute.... 

Okey doke.  Here are your printables!

love bug valentine turquoise yellow and red photo bug8_zpstyq3gzzw.jpg love bug valentine turquoise and pink photo bug5_zpstq7w55l0.jpg love bug valentine traditional photo bug3_zpsh5jwwnln.jpg love bug valentine purple and pink photo bug7_zps4i9dkyns.jpg love bug valentine pink and mauve photo bug2_zpspbmlanm3.jpg love bug valentine orange and navy photo bug6_zpsnlk0cf0o.jpg love bug valentine coral and mint photo bug4_zpsscvkbmj6.jpg love bug turquoise and fuchsia photo bug1_zpsoax4efnw.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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Jeanette said...

Those are just adorable! Pinned this one!

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