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Yummy Birthday

Yes, it is INDEED 

but, as you're well aware, it's also 

So what's a girl to do?  Share a very yummy birthday present, that's what!

First off, this idea was inspired by the ingenuous Lisa at Grey Luster Girl.  I pinned her super sweet mother's day gift to be used at a later date:

                                                               Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

and my dad's birthday seemed the perfect opportunity.

My version is "A Very Sweet Birthday," and as you can tell, it's a dessert of the month club.

(peeps, I just realized I used the EXACT SAME COLOR PALETTE AS HER and I swear to you that was not intentional.  I didn't even look at her post when I made mine, I just remembered seeing it and pinning it back around mother's day.  Unless my memory is waaaaaay better than I think it is, this is a VERY weird coincidence...)

First off, I got on my mac and used pages to create some cute little labels.  I made a title page and one page per month.  I was sure to include my dad's favorite desserts based on the last three years of Yummy Mondays.  The best thing about this present is that it's completely customizable to the recipient.

To make your own, you'll need:
Not pictured: sewing machine and binder clips.

1. Cut the cards apart.  
2. Cut a decorative edge on the top and bottom only.
3. Cut slightly larger and much longer rectangles on a different colored card stock.  Make sure you cut 14 total.
4. With your decorative scissors ("large pinking" design) cut "chevron" strips of all three colors of paper (turquoise, beige, white).  Cut some skinny and some wide.  

5. Using a glue stick, spread glue all over the back of the monthly dessert card.  Stick it to the front of the beige rectangle, centering it vertically but against the right edge.
6. Do this with all the monthly dessert cards, plus the title card and the blank card.
7. Glue the chevron strips on - three strips to a card.  Use different patterns, but one of each color.
8. Trim the ends off of the strips to make them flush with the cards.  Do this to each one.

9. Use a tiny hole punch all along the bottom of the title card to add a decorative element.
10. On the blank back page, use a stamp and ink for a cute message.

11. On your sewing machine, set your stitch length between 1-2, closer to 1.  Sew down each monthly card, one at a time, right next to the edge of the white card.  This will make the monthly cards perforated, so they can be torn out like coupons.  (that way, if dad loses one by bending and tearing it, I don't have to make as many desserts.  Just kidding.  Maybe.)
12. Punch the left edge of the cards - three holes along the side.  Punch no more than 3 cards at a time, line them up and mark the next batch, then punch.
13. Slide your binder clips through the holes and clip them shut.
14. DONE!

And just a few notes:
* I hate glue sticks.  For some reason I still keep them around.  I much prefer double sided tape, but only SCOTCH BRAND - and that's not because I'm getting paid to endorse them, it's just the truth.  However, it's a good thing I DO keep glue sticks around, because I didn't know until I started this project that I was out of tape.  A travesty I tell you.
* I really wanted to sew the booklet together.  I think it would have looked pretty sweet.  However, all of the card stock together was just too thick for my wimpy machine.  If you have a better machine, or thinner paper, or BOTH you can try to sew the edge.  Just set your stitch length to around 3 - 3.5.  

And that's it!  A yummy little book for my dad - perfect for his sweet tooth because he doesn't have to make any of it himself but he can still enjoy it!

For your benefit, I am including my labels!  Here are the monthly labels, left blank for you to fill in your own dessert, plus the title label for the cover and one completely blank one. If you want to make your font match mine, I used "Hurshey" from dafont for the bold dessert names.
And HERE are the labels with the desserts that I used.  The added bonus??  All of these desserts can be found here on the blog!  I've included links to each recipe below so you know how to make them!  
January - Churros (chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, raspberry sauce)
February - Chocolate Caramel Bars
March - Lemon Cake Pie
April - Kuchen (peach or berry)
May - Cottage Cheese Pie
June - Surprise!  (my dad's birth month.  I'll probably make something like this crazy cake)
July - Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
August - Peanut Butter Fluff Pudding Dessert
September - Triple Layer Brownies
October - Chocolate Lava Cakes with Caramel Sauce
November - Pumpkin Pie Cake
December - Pistachio Baclava

(as usual, I'd like to remind you that several of these links take you to posts that are from my early blogging days, i.e. the pictures are horrible.  At least I have proof that I've gotten better over time, right?)

For a dessert lover like me it seemed a very appropriate gift to give.

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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Lisa {grey luster girl} said...

Yay! Your Dad is going to love it! I have had so much fun making it for my Mom and she is always so excited to get them!

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