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Gifts for Any Nuptials - BJ Mama from For What It's Worth... Or Not.

If you're a fan of frugality and crafting/DIY (and really, why are you here if you're not??) you'll be a fan of BJ Mama and her blog.  What's better?  She's the only blogger I've met in person!  On accident, mind you, and more than once.  We live in the same town!  So, why have we not had a craft date yet?  Who knows.  At least she's here for you today!

Hello Bugaboo Readers! 
I was super stoked when Kimberly invited me in on this Handmade Gift-a-Palooza! I'm known in the Blogosphere as BJ Mama, and you can find my little corner of the WWW over at For What It's Worth...or Not. (I'm not opposed to new followers...either on my blog, or my new Facebook page :)

 I just love making gifts for people...I love it so much, I actually think it IS my LOVE LANGUAGE.  (You've read that book, right?)  Well, if not, it basically means Gifting is my way of showing Love.  There's nothing quite like watching someone open a gift you picked out just for them and watching their eyes light up...and might I add, receiving a handmade gift is probably the greatest feeling in the world?!?!?
So, when it comes to the ultimate Day of Love: The Wedding Day.  I often like to make something for the special couple.  A few notes on this before I begin:
1.) If the couple is registered somewhere...I ALWAYS check the registry first.  This is coming from someone that received a LOT of Craftsman Tools and hardly ANYTHING for our kitchen.  It's only been 6 years since my wedding, I'm still not quite over that. ;)
2.) Looking at the Registry serves a dual purpose.  You'll see what the couple's interests are including style and color schemes.  You'll also be inspired to possibly make a coordinating gift to go along with a smaller purchase. *Hint: Look at the color of their kitchen and bath towels :)
3.) If by chance you have a crazy schedule like we do with 3 small children, on top of juggling multiple careers, and don't have the time to Handmake a gift....don't beat yourself up.  Money is a Universal Love Language too. (ok, not technically, but you know what I mean)

With that being said, Here are a few of my Favorite Wedding Gift Ideas....some for every budget!

Six-sided painted blocks, Perfect for a shelf or Mantle, and they can change them up whenever the mood suits them!

This one is BY FAR my favorite gift I put together.  It's a little more work, but it's a gift that they get to open for YEARS to come!

I have to give credit to my husband for this idea.  He started ours on our 1st Anniversary, it would be an awesome idea to give as a Wedding Present.  Putting Little notes in each empty photo slot with the Anniversary Date to fill it in as the years go by.

This post is actually made as a Family Gift or Housewarming Gift, but it would be just as cool as a Wedding Present if the printed paper had the Couples' Names, Wedding Date, Place of Ceremony, etc. behind the Monogram.

Well, I hope I inspired you to step out of your Wedding Gift Rut!  If in doubt, I always say, go for personalization.  Newlyweds LOVE something that reminds them of their special day or their New Family Name.  (and by "newlyweds", you know I'm just talking about the bride, right?  The groom just wants his new tools)

Thanks Kimberly for Helping us all Gift It Good!

Well, all of those belong in the previous roundup!  Great ideas for those of us who are still a little wedding weary when it comes to handmade.  Thanks a bunch!  Go check her out.

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BJ_Mama said...

Can I say CRAP?!?! I totally MISSED this post! AHHH!!! I'm sorry, my friend...thanks for having me!

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