Friday, August 10, 2012

A Family Game - Lisa from Grey Luster Girl

Do you follow Grey Luster Girl?  I fell in love with Lisa's blog because of her gorgeous parties - you can't help but be totally inspired when you stop by.  But she does more than parties!  She sews and crafts - and comes up with the most clever little homemade gifts, like the one below.  Seriously.  I'm making this.

Hello! My name is Lisa and I blog over at Grey Luster Girl.

I was so on board when Kimberly told me about the Gift It series.  I love making things for other people.  When you do, you give a little bit of yourself with the gift.   Plus I was secretly glad to have a little motivation to start working on something for extended family Christmas gifts.  Normally I don't really start thinking about Christmas gifts till after October but this little baby has been brewing in my mind since this past Christmas.

Last year we got our little girls the Guess Who game for Christmas.  Hasbro changed the set-up so that a large card slides into the plastic game piece instead of a bunch of little individual cards like I remember it having.  Plus they give you the option to print out some other game cards online.  So upon seeing this new set-up I had the idea of making my own game card using the people in our family.  I looked through our photos and found pictures of everyone.

 I tried to find ones where people were wearing hats or glasses, had facial hair, etc.  The game has spots for 24 images and we only had 23 people in my extended family so I added Thor the super hero so that there would be 12 girls and 12 boys.

 I have to admit the my incredibly talented husband made the card using Inkscape and I just provided the pictures (and the idea which can be the hardest part sometimes!).  I had the pages printed as 8x10 pictures and then I glued them onto cardstock.

I decided this would work for now but when I make them all up for Christmas time I am going to laminate them so that they will last longer.   We did a few run throughs with my girls and it was so fun! My youngest kept wanting to pick herself and both my daughters thought it was a hoot to see all their cousins and family members behind the doors.

I thought it was adorable for them to say "Are you Grammy?" as they tried to guess who the other one chose.  So I will have my eye out for some Guess Who board games on sale and include a handmade family Guess Who playing card for gifts this year.  I think it will be a keepsake gift for years to come!

Thank you Lisa!  What an easy way to give a super personalized and fun gift!  I can't wait to try it out!  Go check out her other awesome ideas on her blog!

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I guess i was me who commented here first thanks for sharing your thoughts about christmas gifts for loved ones

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