Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I make a lot of mistakes.

So I guess this gift would be perfect for me.  Too bad I'm not a teacher.

I don't think this can even technically be considered a tutorial, since it's so ridiculously easy.  But it's cute and I made a variation at the end of last year for bug's 3K teachers.  

You'll need a cute eraser.  When I did this at the end of last year, I used some giant erasers I found at Walmart for 99 cents.  They were pink and said "oops." on one side.  Super cute.  I was at the dollar store recently and found a few other very cute erasers, so I got those for this tutorial.  You really can't have enough teacher gifts laying around for school and church!

First up, I found these great "twizzler" erasers!  How fun are those?  I want to keep them for myself, but I won't.  They came in a pack of four, so it's an economical option.

1. Just take them out of the package and print out the twizzler eraser tag,
2. cut around the border and crease the mid-point,
3. fold it around the twizzler and use a glue stick or double sided tape on the inside of one half,
4. secure the sides together,
5. stick in a staple or two for some added stability and cuteness,
6. and finish it off with an adorable flower sticker!


Then I found these awesome animal erasers!  So big and colorful!  
I had several clear plastic favor bags left over from something I did years ago that I don't even remember.  You can find these almost anywhere, but I *think* mine were from Walmart.

1. Cut out your fold over tags around the border,
2. get your small favor bag ready,
3. take your eraser out of the ugly package,
4. place it in your plastic bag,
5. fold the top of the bag down at least twice,
6. add some tape to keep it nice and tightly folded,
7. tape the other side as well,
8. fold the tag in half and sandwich the folded top of the bag between the two sides,
9. and staple in a few places.


Easy and cute.  As I said, there are a ton of variations on these out there.  The first version of I saw was this one, which I think is probably still the cutest one I've seen:

                                                                    Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

You can find the tutorial for this awesome version at The Idea Room.

I love the ease, simplicity, frugality, sweet quote and general cute factor.  

And just to make your job even easier, if you'd like to use my tags here they are!
The first is for the long thin "twizzler style" erasers.  
Just right click to download and resize, or you can simply click and print.  Then follow the steps above.
The next few are for the fold over tags for the large animal erasers in bags.  Same deal, right click to download and resize, or just click and print from the internet.  Follow the steps above.
And here's an extra in a different color scheme.  Hopefully one of these will work for you and your chosen eraser!
Makes me wish I was a teacher.  Almost.

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