Sunday, August 12, 2012

'I do' bring you another roundup.

This right here may be my very favoritist (what?  It's a word...) roundup yet.  Weddings are by far the most SCARY event to DIY a gift for, in my opinion.  Which is why I have never done it.  Never.  I've DIY'd gifts for pretty much everything else.  But not this.  I can't bring myself to do it.  Generally speaking, we give the gift of fun - aka a package of our favorite two player board/card games. (Which I still think is a good idea, but that's because I like playing games... what if the people I give that to don't??)  I've often brainstormed ideas for a specific wedding gift, only to second guess myself and scrap it.

And yet, when I see all of these crazy cool ideas I have to wonder to myself, why was I so scared? 
So are you in the same boat?  Worry no more!  

Here are my TOP 50 ideas for wedding gifts that are sure to dazzle them!  (or maybe just make them laugh, which is good too.)

1.  Couple Coasters - Fairly Crafty (Wouldn't it be cute to represent each stage of the couple's relationship in photos?)
2.  Established Canvas Quartet - Treasury of Memories (You probably wouldn't have wedding photos in advance (duh) but it's still a cute idea)
3.  Breakfast in Bed Tray - Infarrantly Creative (Finish the gift off with a pretty little place setting and bud vase.)
4.  Recipe Box - Curbly (Print up your favorite recipes, and for added sentimentality, contact a family member of the couple to ask for their family favorites.)

5.  Geography Love Pillow - In Between Laundry (Super cute way to commemorate two people who found each other despite distance!  I want one with Utah and Wisconsin!)
6. Personalized String Art - Reason to Read (One of the awesomest things I've ever seen.  Would I have the patience?)
7. Framed Monogrammed Wedding Song Lyrics - DIY Kinda Girl (wedding song lyrics in the background + monogram.  It's so trendy.)
8.  Love Map Art - minimoz (Where they met, where they married, where they will live.  But you could do any significant places.)
9. Catalogue of Love - Design Sponge (Obviously you wouldn't have all the details, but you could start their catalogue for them by including titles on the cards and dates where known.  It'll give them something to work on together, too!)
10.  Love You Pillow Cases - Feeling Stitchy (I wish I knew how to embroider.  It's too cute.)
11. Wedding Song Heart Art - Housewife Glamour (You can't go wrong with wedding song lyrics!)
12. Romance Album - bhg (Directions on how to create the look on the outside... but think what you could do on the inside, too!  Love quotes, love songs, photos of the couple or significant places, their love story, etc.)
13.  I Love You Because Frame - Becky Higgins (What a great little reminder that they should share their love daily!  Include dry erase markers in different, fun colors.  Make a set of frames - one for each person!)
14. Love Story Pallet - Sweet Rose Studio (Well, that's just plain adorable.)
15. Wedding Song Canvas Art - Scout & Nimble (This is too cool to comment on.  Must make this now.)
16. Love Dictionary Page Art - Julie Blanner (The book page in the background is the dictionary page for "love".  Love little details like that!)
17.  Love Wall Art - Young and Crafty (I've wanted this in my bedroom ever since I first saw it.)
18. Letter Collage Shadow Box - kreyv for eighteen25 (Picture this with the letters of their full names all jumbled up.)
19. Silhouette Carved Art - A Little Glass Box (it would be cool to carve the outline of the silhouette instead of using vinyl, too.)
 20.  Monochromatic Love Art - Sarah Barksdale Design (Super versatile.  You could do any quote.)

21. Paint Swirl Vases - Centsational Girl (forget about gifts. I want some of these for me.)
22. Favorite Recipe Canister - calico. (Fill the crock with utensils from their registry.  Or do this to a cookie jar and fill it with their favorite cookies.)
23. Established Plaque - Life as a Thrifter (I've always wanted one of these.)
24. Tree and Heart Quilt - 402 Center Street Designs (I love the wood grain background.  You could make the heart look like it's carved.)
25. Monogrammed Hurricane - Spoonful of Sugar (So easy, yet so elegant looking.)
26. Monogrammed Tile - The Hybrid Chick (Monograms are so very "wedding", don't you think?)
27. Faux Porcelain Vases - PS I Made This for Design Sponge (very easy and frugal DIY)

28. Wooden Welcome Mat - Lowe's Creative Ideas (This mat screams welcome!  Imagine it in ombre!)
29. Wood Pallet Photo Art - Remade Simple (So many possibilities.  City they met in, city they'll live in, last name, "love", etc.)
30. Temple Canvas - From Gardners Two Bergers (Use a picture of the church or temple they were married in)
31. Chalkboard Welcome Sign - 504 Main (something they can personalize, again and again!)
32. Forever Family Name Frame - Not So Idle Hands (really, you could use any quote, monogram, lyric, etc.)
33. Mix and Match Monogrammed Table Settings - lemon tree creations (wouldn't it be fun to give them an entire table-scape?  You could search thrift or dollar stores for fun items that coordinate with their wedding colors.)
34. Succulent Monogram - 81 South Street (You could do it all yourself OR, if they're avid gardeners, make the frame and give them the plants and monogram planter as a kit.)
35. Handmade-Paper Covered Vases - Natural Home and Garden (The paper covering these vases is made from fruits, veggies and roots.  So cool!)
36. Surname Plaque - Fresh Cuts By Lu (Also something I've always wanted.)

37. Family Binder - A Craft A Day (staying organized - especially when you're just starting out - can be hard.  Start them off by decorating a binder and including colorful dividers.  Provide specific templates they can fill out themselves.  Include website addresses as resources for how to complete their binder.)
38. Flavored Sugars - Country Living (Justin and I didn't even have normal sugar when we were first married.  This is a cute and handy little kit to start out their pantry.  You could do this with common spices too.)

39. Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit - Camille Styles (This is an awesome space saver!  Perfect if the couple is starting in an apartment.  Again, make the whole thing yourself or just make the base and then give them the soil and herbs to put it all together themselves.)

40.  Weekend Getaway Basket - Sunset (A collapsible tote filled with items they'd need for a spontaneous getaway.  Really cute.)
41. Scrabble Coasters - Intimate Weddings (I'm a huge fan.  Imagine these with their names or different pet names, nicknames, love and its synonyms, words from a poem, etc.)
42. His and Her Mugs - Alyssa from Live. Love. Craft. for Sweet Lemonayde (they're just cute.  Great for avid coffee or tea drinkers and you could include flavored coffee or a Starbucks card)
43. Honeymoon Care Package - Young House Love (This could be really hilarious.  Especially if you know where they plan to go.)
44.  Picnic Bike Basket (with utensil caddy) - Snowy Bliss (This is a bike basket made into a picnic basket!  You could make two - one for each of them! - and stock it with picnic necessities.)
45.  Can of Dates - My Creative Stirrings (Wish we'd had this back then... wait.  Wish we had this NOW.)
46. Beach Blanket for Two - My Material Life (This is a huge beach blanket.  Perfect for sharing and snuggling. Pair it with a beach tote and/or other beach paraphernalia.)
47. Backyard Block Stacking Game - Mtoashirbab on Instructables (Jenga, but HUGE!  Awesome.)
48. A Date for Each Season - Oh, She Dabbles (She created a full date to correspond with activities that were in season locally - picnics in spring, apple picking in fall, etc.  Everything they need is included, including gift cards to certain attractions.)
49. Backgammon Board - The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking (Really adorable and looks totally doable.)
50. Chevron Picnic Blanket - Twig & Thistle (Everyone loves chevron!  Pack this handmade blanket in a picnic basket with other picnic goodies.)

I do believe I've covered nearly every skill level, hobby, and interest, as well as recipient personality types.  
In any case, I speak solely for myself when I say emphatically that I can no longer use intimidation as an excuse.  This is totally doable, people.  Totally.

For more wedding gift ideas, be sure to check my "Gifts for all Occasions" pinterest board!

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Keri said...

Hiya, I am plotting and scheming right now for Christmas gifts. So this is a really great list of 50 things (not just wedding appropriate!). I think I have about 25 of them open to have a look at later! Thanks a big bunch!! Keri

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for featuring me in your round up! So fun to be surrounded by such unbelievable talent! Great post! ;)

treen said...

I just found your blog this morning, and this is so perfect because I'm determined to have a 100% homemade Christmas this year! The date box idea would be perfect to give to my husband! Thanks for all of these posts!

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