Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation from my Vacation.

This post brought to you by SAVE . All opinions are 100% mine.

Alright, so I know we just got home from a trip to the northern backwoods of the great state of Wisco.  And I know we were gone for a full week with no distractions of modern conveniences.  And I know I was with my whole extended family with all the young cousins "playing" together.  AND I know there was so much family togetherness it almost made me gag... you probably don't need any further explanation as to why I need a vacation from my vacation...

Do your vacations become arduous to plan, difficult to save for, and tenuous in execution?  The mr and I have had our share of vacation debacles (read the honeymoon story if you don't believe me).  Just once it would be wonderful to experience a fun, relaxing and stress-free trip (well, as stress free as possible with a four and two year old...)  I admit that when I think of my dream vacation it's often on some warm tropical beach with the mr - under no obligations, commitments or timetables and definitely NO stinky diapers...

BUT.  If I had to come up with a dream FAMILY vacation, well, I think this would come pretty close:arneson-river-theater.jpg

Have you heard of  SAVE – the San Antonio Vacation Experience?  You've got to click that link and check it out.  Why is SAVE so cool?

1. While I may not have come up with San Antonio as my number one vacation destination before, I now realize just how much there is to do there.  Historical, fun, entertaining, action, relaxation, shopping, eating... something for everyone.

2. The SAVE site is incredibly user-friendly and makes planning your vacation so simple.  There's a tab that will show you a map with numbered tourist spots and special deals listed to the side.  You can pick things near your hotel and make sure to plan enough time into your itinerary for travel.

3. There's a full list of coupons and deals offered broken up by category - siteseeing, shopping, museums, adventure... pick your favorite and it's all laid out in front of you!

4. There's another tab for Limited Time Offers - really spectacular deals - and another that will help you book your hotel.  It's basically a one-stop shop for all your San Antonio vacation needs!

Can I show you precisely why I think this is so cool?  Ok.  This is my sample itinerary for our "week in San Antonio" - and I did all of this from the SAVE site:

First off, I could save a bundle by taking advantage of the Limited Time Offer at Hilton Palacio del Rio.  And the view seems worth it.  Plus I'd get a $25 food voucher!  On to the fun.  We'd probably start out the trip with siteseeing.  You can't go to San Antonio and NOT see the Alamo.Alamo04.jpg  

On the SAVE site we could get $5 off adult and $2 of kids admissions!  That's a total savings of $14 just at that one spot!  It would also be cool to ride the Alamo Trolley and get $2 off each ticket!  We've never been on a trolley, so that would be cool for the kids.  After that, we'd definitely have to hit up the Children's Museum ($2 off per ticket) and probably the San Antonio Zoo (also $2 off).  That brings us to about day 3 probably and I think that's a perfect time to stop by Seaworld.SeaWorld Aquatica_Ray Lagoon Family.jpg  

We could spend day 4 at Schlitterbahn Waterpark and day 5 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (I love a good roller coaster). Six Flags_Poltergeist and Scream.tif

Day 6 would be wrapping things up, maybe doing some shopping.  If we go to the Tanger Outlets we could get a free VIP Coupon Book through SAVE and at Market Square we'd receive discounts as well.  If possible, we'd probably squeeze in a tour through Natural Bridge Caverns ($2 off adults and $1 off kids.)  And after that whirlwind, we'd fly home - happy and thoroughly spent PHYSICALLY, but NOT monetarily!  Let me do the math for you:

We'd do at least two, possibly three siteseeing tours.  We'd visit one museum and one zoo.  We'd go to one attraction and two amusement/waterparks.  And we'd go shopping.  With the discounts and coupons listed on SAVE, we'd save at least $230, and that's not counting the savings for shopping.  I think that's pretty incredible - especially considering how quickly costs can stack up when traveling with a family of four!  There's no way we'd be able to do as many fun things and visit as many attractions WITHOUT the help of SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience.

Go visit their site for some amazing steals.  Follow them on Twitter as well (@SAVEinSA) and you can receive updates and limited time offers - plus tips for making the most out of your San Antonio vacation! 

Don't know about you, but it's looking better and better to me!


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