Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Because we love our teachers. And MOST of our neighbors.

...just not the ones with the killer pit bull that attacked my mom...

Let's kick this off right, with a good ole' roundup!  If you're stumped when it comes to teachers or neighbors, this is the place for you.  From the family that just moved in, to Christmas for your pals next door... from a token of appreciation for your child's teacher, to sending that teacher off to summer with a bang - THIS is your one stop shop.

I combined teachers and neighbors.  Because 1) I found a lot of these gifts to be interchangeable.  (not ALL) and 2) 30 sounded better than 15.  
Christmas, welcome, thank you, cheer up, happy summer - it's all right here!
1. Box of Sunshine - Katherine Maries (You know how I feel about yellow.  How would your neighbors feel finding this on their stoop?  Awesome.  That's how.)
2. Hot Cocoa Kit - bhg (I'm a fan of hot cocoa kits of all types.  This one is super cute)
3. Framed Post-Its - Paper Wings (Seriously easiest gift ever.  And really cute.  Can't go wrong.)
4. Milk and Cookies - JackOLyn Murphy (I've shared it before and I'll probably share it again.  Um, hello?  Look at the straw!)
5. Extra Dough - Let the Games Begin (This is just darn funny.)
6. Welcome Home Gift - Two Shades of Pink (She always makes the prettiest, heartwarming things!)
7. Bread in a Can - Chasing Fireflies (and I don't just like it for its yellow ribbon, though that helps)
8. Pie in a Jar - Tidy Mom (Um, pretty and delicious!)
9. Snowman Kit ("Just Add Snow") - the fickle pickle (Ack!  Forget neighbors, I'm making this for my family!)
10. Martha Stewart Copycat Housewarming Gift - Just Make Stuff (This has got to be the number one most REPINNED pin I have on pinterest.  Like thousands of repins and counting.)
11. Pocket Sized Town Tour - Brown Paper Packages (Cute AND practical - you LDS people out there, it would be perfect to someone moving into your ward!)
12. Wrapping up a Year - Buzzzzzzzz (Not only adorably packaged, but just plain awesome)
13. Stay Cool Tub - eighteen25 (Everyone loves Otterpops!)
14. Blowing Christmas Wishes - I Never Grew Up (How cute are those Christmas colored gumballs?)
15. Lemon Loaf - The Twinery (I would learn how to make a lemon loaf just to make it this pretty.)

1. Alphabet Vase - One Charming Party (Easy to make, and cute to boot)
2. Plastic Bottle Apples - Creative Jewish Mom (Yea for recycling!)
3. Fortunate to Have You Gift - 71 Toes (If I were a teacher I'd love this!)
4. Pencil Flower Bouquet - The Happy Scraps (That's just cute, you have to admit)
5. Apple Stamp Tote - ko-ko-ko kids (we love apple stamping!  I've never thought to do it on fabric for some reason...)
6. Relaxing Summer Gift - Rachel Berry (looks like no better way to send your teachers to summer vacay!)
7. Cabochon Bookmarks - eighteen25 (technically, I'd say these are perfect for anyone)
8. Sharpie Plates - Brooklyn Limestone (imagine these with a quote about learning or teaching with cookies piled on top!)
9. Gardening Teacher Gift - Kari from UCreate for Skip To My Lou (I love the quote on the bag)
10. Pencil Monograms - Caro (frugal and adorable)
11. A is for Apple (with Caramel Dip) - Event Trender (an apple for teacher is pretty standard... but add the caramel dip and it's WOW!)
12. Crayon Wreath - a bushel and a peck  (this makes me wish I was a teacher)
13. Mousetrap Memo Pad - Pretty Handy Girl (I might make this for my mom)
14. Joy Jar - Nothing But Country (a new twist on the "memory jar" you'd make for your family members)
15. Ice Cream Sundae Kit ("Just Add Ice Cream") - Family Bites (Perfect summer treat!)

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have no excuse now.

For more gift ideas for teachers and neighbors, check out my "Gifts for all Occasions" Pinterest Board!

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Alexis said...

Oh MY! Thanks so much for featuring my Milk, Cookies and Choc Milk Straw :) So many great ideas!!

Ashley said...

fun round up!! hope you link it up this week!:)

thanks for sharing!!


Marci Coombs said...

Thanks SO much for featuring my cookie dough Christmas treats!!! I ADORE your cute blog! xoxo

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