Sunday, July 22, 2012

Break. With photos.

Dude.  We're going to a cabin.  It's a first for me.  I've been camping.  But never in a cabin.  My mom rented an island.  Seriously.  An entire island.  We have to take a boat to get there.  What's even better is that the four cousins get to spend every waking and sleeping moment together for an entire week.  They get to eat, breath, sleep... play, swim, jump, scream, fight, kick, holler, tattle and battle each other.  All. Week. Long.  It should be...

huh.  I don't have an adjective for that quite yet.  

Don't worry.  You won't even know I'm gone.  (You were worried, weren't you?)

Instead of instagramming today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite images from my LAST vacation... back in May, when we visited mr's family.  This may be a post in parts, because there are a lot of pictures.  I believe I've mentioned a few hundred times that mini broke my camera?  I may have forgotten to mention that I got a new camera the day we left for Utah!  AND, drumroll... it's a DSLR!  I got a Nikon (since the one that broke was a Nikon - not a DSLR, mind you...) So I've been having fun this summer learning how to use it.

I played photographer while we were all together.  I took shots of each of the families and some of the kids, too.  I have a lot to learn!

We finally got an updated family photo... having all of us look at the camera was asking too much.

I wanted that cute shot of the kids together... this is what I got.  Typical.

Here are some of my favorites of bug:

Silly Ezra:

Serious Ezra:

A daddy moment:

And here are my favorites of mini:

I bribed her with a tootsie roll.  You can see it here.

And here are a few of the rest of the fam that I really like:

Justin's sister, her hubby and little girl - who should be a model or something, look at that pose:

Justin's brother, his wife and their new baby:

mr's parents (love them laughing here):

And the cousins:

And I got to use my self-timer (and my brother IL's tripod!  Thanks!) and run in my heels to get this shot:

Like I said.  A LOT to learn.  BUT, fun.  And fortunately, even not awesome photos look great with a camera like this.

(Oh, and not that I think you would want to, but just in case you do, PLEASE don't take these photos to use in any way... don't pin them or reproduce them or anything like that.  I don't know why you'd want some other family hanging on your walls, except that we're so darn good looking, but you know, don't do it.  K?  Thanks!)

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lisbonlioness said...

... did you say island?
Tell you what, if I needed some instant relatives, I'd choose that group picture of you guys. I'd say you are my prom queen little sister and all the rest are aunties, brothers, nephews and whatnot. I'd be SO popular :) But even though it's a perfect example of how to quickly achieve some great photography results, I shall desist. Lil' sis. :D
Have a wonderful time with your family, I bet you'll feel like a rock star knowing it's a whole flamin' ISLAND at your fingertips... amazeballs!
By the way, are you getting prettier or are my glasses just getting better?

Ashley Reece said...

Ok, so this is crazy! I'm pretty sure I know Justin's sister's husband. He dated my sister in high school. That totally weirded me out for a minute.

But great pictures!

Creative Raisins said...

Looks like a very special time with family.

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