Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagramming - It's a ZOO!

First off, thanks so much for the support and well wishes about my big announcement!  While the initial frantic crafting bustle has passed (and I do not regret that) there are things to be done before the book hits the stands... right now I'm in a holding pattern until revisions really start, but so far everything's gone swimmingly.  I've been working with an incredibly helpful and supportive editor (who happens to be a voice double for a friend of mine from church, which helped put me at ease when the whole thing started and I was nervous about rejection...)  Anyway, I can share more as things move along, but wanted to thank everyone.

It's been a while since I shared some instagram shots with you... I thought today would be a great opportunity for a zoo theme.  Because there has been a bit of this:

(I honestly could have reached out my hand and touched this big guy.  That's NOT a zoom lens...)

And a little of this:

But mainly it's just these wild animals:

Who make my life so zoo-like.

And of course, although I am not watching K during the summer months (her parents are both teachers) I still get some of this:

Which is pretty funny.

However wild and crazy it is around here, at least they take out the garbage.
(Kidding.  It's just balloons.)

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1 comment:

Michelle L. said...

Whoa! Your lion and peacock are glorious!

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