Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The easiest skirt you will ever make. Promise.

Really.  I kid you not.  This truly is:

Would I lie about something so important?  Of course not!  Making this will take you 5 minutes TOPS, and that includes making a second "underskirt" as well!

This super cheerful, light and airy, summery skirt is a BREEZE.  You can make it with... drumroll, please... one stitch.  Yep.  One.  Paper bag top and all.

Would you like to know the secret ingredient?


To make "the easiest skirt ever" you will need:
a valance
elastic cut to an inch shorter than your subject's waist measurement
straight pins
safety pin
sewing machine

Let's talk about the ideal valance for just a second, because there are a good many valances out there, and you don't want to choose an ucky one.  The ideal valance will be just a few inches longer than you want your skirt.  It will have TWO casings at the top.  And it will be cute.  I believe it'll be fairly easy to find some that meet these requirements.  Check your thrift stores!!  Some of the cutest valances are vintage!  I found a few, then accidentally left my bag in the cart and drove off.  When I went back, of course my things were gone.  Luckily, I went back in and picked up this baby in a set of THREE for $1!  That's three skirts - if I wanted three exactly the same...

Now that you've picked out the perfect valance, let's get to work.  Because this is going to be strenuous, let me tell ya...
1. Remember how there are TWO casings at the top?  Using your safety pin, pull your elastic through the BOTTOM of these two casings.  When you've pulled it so the end of the elastic is flush with the edge of the valance, pin it with a straight pin.
2. Continue pulling the elastic until it comes out the other end.  Pin this end with a safety pin as well.
3. Fold your valance in half, right side together.  Pin the edges together.
4. Sew this seam with a straight stitch.

 Didn't I tell you it was easy??

Now, my valance was a little too sheer.  So I made a quick underskirt.  It's only SLIGHTLY more difficult than the valance skirt.

You'll need:
a scrap of eyelet material (mine happened to be pre-cut to the length I needed!  Score!)
ruffled eyelet trim
elastic cut to 1 inch shorter than the waist measurement of your subject
sewing machine

You're going to make this using the same method as the valance skirt.  NO HEM!

1. Cut your eyelet scrap into a rectangle that is the length you want and twice the width, if it isn't already done for you.  Cut your trim to the same width measurement.  Line your trim along the bottom of your eyelet scrap, right sides together, with the bottom edge of the trim  facing UP towards the top of the skirt.  Pin it on and sew it with a straight stitch.
2. Fold and iron the top of your skirt.  Fold and iron down 1/4 inch, then fold and iron 1/2 inch.
3. Sew along the bottom of this folded and ironed piece to make a casing.
4. Feed your elastic through the casing with your safety pin.  Pin the ends of the elastic in the casing as above.  Fold your fabric in half, right sides together.  Sew up the seam with a straight stitch.

Congratulations!  You just made two simple skirts in five minutes.

And seriously, it couldn't be cuter!  mini has gotten many compliments... but maybe that's because she's so cute by herself...

Now, because the tutorial was literally two pictures long, you get to look at a ton of gratuitous photos of my children feeding the ducks.  Lucky you.

 The perfect attire for feeding ducks,


chasing down your brother,

going for a stroll, or just lounging around, blowing bubbles!

And just to prove that great minds think alike, here's a cute valance skirt I found while pinteresting from none other than AGAAGG:
Maybe it's just that great KIM'S think alike?  She also calls it "the easiest skirt EVER." So you know it must be true.

This photo may not be the best way to highlight the skirt, but this little chickadee?

 Gosh, she makes me smile.

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Ashley said...

way way way cute!! LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

The picture of your daughter chasing your son reminds me of Calvin and Susie (from Calvin and Hobbes)

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