Friday, July 27, 2012

I like to pretend it was my grandma.

I admit this is a bit of a departure from my usual post.

But I couldn't help posting about this adorable dress.

You may have seen it first on my tea table and stools post (an upcycled project we really love!)

I wish I knew more about this adorable crocheted dress.  I found it at a thrift store and bought it for 50 cents.  Yep.  50 cents.  Who gives away a hand crocheted dress in this lovely shade of cool minty green for only 50 cents??  Not that I was complaining.  I actually bought it when I was pregnant with mini - which violates every thrifting rule, namely don't buy ahead - if they can't use it now, don't get it.  But I couldn't resist.

This dress has a story.  Somebody lovingly crocheted each stitch.  Then they wove the perfect white ribbon through the neck and waistline.  They may have gently folded and placed it in a box before wrapping it in special paper.  Then they presented it to one very special and lucky little cutie pie.
Somewhere along the line, the story was lost and the dress was donated without a second thought.  But I like to think that somehow mini is helping the legacy of this handmade item live on. 

We pair it with a turquoise and purple sundress underneath and I love the way the ruffle pokes out the bottom.

I like to pretend my own cute little grandma made it.  Just as she made me countless pair of crocheted house shoes when she was alive.

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tute-bot said...

What a beautiful find! I'm so glad you broke your trifting rule and rescued it. Whoever spent who-knows-how-many hours crocheting that dress would be happy to know it is actually being worn and appreciated. I know it would make me happy.

Michelle L. said...

It's just the sweetest thing! What a fun post, K! You did the right thing buying (even though) still pregnant - this dress was clearly meant to be yours.

April said...

Awesome find! It is so adorable and I love how you paired it with the other dress.

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