Sunday, August 26, 2012

What do you want for Christmas?

Yep!  It's another round-up!  I might have to have a round-up of my round-ups, there are so many and - thanks to a ton of talented people - so many awesome ideas you don't want to miss!  Today's focus (if you couldn't tell from the title) is CHRISTMAS!  I personally LOVE Handmade Christmas.  I love it so much I generally look for random people to make presents for.  Then I leave it all until the last minute and swear I'll never do that again.
Well, now we have a roundup of ideas in August, so no excuses!  
A roundup aptly named:

Because "50 age and gender appropriate, categorized for your convenience, rock your socks, show-stopping Christmas Presents" wouldn't fit.  

1. Jello PlayDough - Modern Parents Messy Kids
2. Knit Jammies From Sweaters - Corduroys Closet (All I can say is: genius.)
3. Monster Dolls - Twin Dragonfly Designs
4. Bear from a Sock - the meta picture (I swear, anything made from a sock is about 10 times cuter than its non-sock counterpart.)
5. Simple Snuggly Baby Blanket - Prudent Baby
6. Puzzle Photo Frame - Love Them Madly (Why didn't I think of this?)
7. Knit Baby Turban - Pickles (Holy adorable!  Arg.  Now I have to have another kid...)
8. No Knit Snuggly Hat and Mittens - Martha Stewart
9. Felt Sandwich Button Game - Therapy Fun Zone
10. Color Dot Memory - hellobee (Oh, so simple and a great way to introduce color to your baby!)

1. Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets - Obsessively Stitching (think of all the different books you could do!)
2. Magnetic Dot-to-Dot Book - Creating Sarah
3. Story Stones - Poppit's Cupboard
4. Coloring Caddy - A Girl and a Glue Gun

5. Angry Birds Bowling - Homemade Beauties by Heidi (my son wants the Angry Birds game you can get at Walmart and Target... how much cuter and less expensive would this be??)

6. Magnetic Marble Run Game - Family Fun
7. Pajama Eaters - Sew Fearless
8. Pillowcase PJ's - Elsie Marley
9. Sleepover Pillowcase - A Lemon Squeezy Home 
10. Mr. Pillow Head (a monster pillow) - Ruffles and Stuff (hilarious.  My son would love this.)

1. Spoon Ring - Through the Front Door
2. Sunkissed Apron - Everyday Celebrations for Moda Bake Shop 
3. Big Bow Placemat Clutch - blue-eyed freckle
4. Homemade Vanilla Extract - Zoe Bakes (Perfect for the girl who loves to bake!)
5. Bath Fizzes - Martha Stewart
6. Macrame Bracelets - Honestly...WTF (macrame, it's not just for hanging plants anymore.)
7. Bobby Pin Set - A Homemaker's Journal 
8. Glass Hurricane - 320 Sycamore
9. Wood Mounted Photo - The Winthrop Chronicles 
10. Facial Scrubs (10 different recipes!) - Sassybella (You could make a whole little pampering kit with different kinds!)

1. Love Letter Art - His and Hers Blog (Ok, so maybe some guys wouldn't be thrilled with mush like this, but I think this is a really cute idea without being overly/grossly romantic.)
2. Wooden Mancala Game - Sisteroo
3. Monogram mugs - Design Mom
4. Crocheted Beanie Pattern - Craftstylish (See?  Even guys can wear crochet...)
5. Monogram Clay Tie Tack - yellow mums
6. Monogrammed Paper Weight - Sunset
7. Personalized Map - 30 Handmade Days
8. Block Puzzle - momtastic (Maybe for that hard to buy for teen?) 
9. Old Book Picture Frame - papernstitch (You know I love a good book craft!)
10. Bike Lock Bag - Art With Ashley (I think my hubby could use one of these... hmmm... good thing he doesn't read this.)

1. DVD Coloring Case - Handmade by Stacy Vaughn (It would be pretty easy to make a bunch of these for a Sunday School class or kids you babysit or what have you.)
2. Personalized Porcelain Plate - Show Tell Share
3. DIY Cookie Cutter Kit - come on, ilene! (personalize it for the recipient!)
4Hot Cocoa Mug - Spoonful (pair it with the **Hot Cocoa Spoons from Simply Designing!)
5. Globe Bowl - bhg (perfect for someone who loves to travel, but also great for anyone who loves unique decor pieces in their home!  You could even gift it with Christmas-y items inside the bowl - glass ball ornaments or candy canes or the like.)
6. Pocket full of Love - Curly Birds (give a jar of these to a neighbor or friend with instructions on how to use them with their family!)
7. Easy Chocolate Truffles - Homemade Gifts Made Easy
8. Printed Candles - Instructables (imagine them printed with your favorite Christmas Carol!) 
9. Fortune Cookie Neighbor Gifts - A Girl and a Glue Gun
10. Gift Wrap Caddy - eighteen 25

And there you have it.  Christmas is right around the corner.  So get cracking!

For more Christmas gift ideas, be sure to check my "Gifts for all Occasions" pinterest board!

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AngelBrat said...

I really love this list - thank you for putting it together! One small thing: all your links are out of order for the pictures, so you have to click through all of them to figure out which one is which. Is there any way you can fix this? I've been going through your archives building my Christmas gift to-do list, and I'm loving all the stuff I've found!

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