Monday, August 20, 2012

I Like You a Latte.

I thought of that title after I'd already made this, tied the card on and sent it off.  Kind of depressing, because if I'd stuck that on the tag I'm pretty sure El would have laughed...

But in any case, I've got an easy and fast birthday gift for you!  Perfect for a neighbor, a teacher, or especially a co-worker you find asleep at her computer every day!

Ah, the gift of indulgence!  Now, I'm sure this isn't a new idea (although I haven't discovered it on Pinterest yet, so maybe it is?!?) but it came together so neatly and compactly I had to share.

Get yourself a cute little travel coffee mug.  I love the ones that look like the disposable coffeehouse cups but are actually NOT disposable.  I think they're fun.  (hey, it's the little things, people.)  Also, get yourself some flavored gourmet-ish coffee.  I found these little single serving sizes that I thought were pretty cute - plus it allowed me to include more than one flavor.  I got all of this at Target, in case you were wondering.

Also, here is where I admit that I know nothing about coffee.  I don't drink it.  (You can read why here.)  So I just picked some that sounded good to me.
Did I do ok?

Now, unscrew the top of your travel mug and squish the coffee packets down in there.

Put the top back on.  Now make your tag.  I just cut a rectangle of white card stock and used a stamp on the lower right corner.  Then I added some washi tape (obsessed much?) and wrote a little message.
(PS - right there is where it should say "I like you a latte." Don't you think?)

Punch a hole in the top left corner.  Thread some matching ribbon through.

Tie it around your mug, and you're done!

Now, of course this is adaptable - I don't need to tell you that right?  Like how you can buy single servings of hot chocolate instead?  Maybe tie on a little bag of marshmallows or stick a chocolate stir stick on the tag or tie on a candy cane or something?  You already thought of that, didn't you?
You guys are so smart.
I went with coffee this time because I happen to know that El loves her some coffee.  And I'm fairly sure she drinks it every morning.  And she has a long commute.  So - especially when the days get colder (she lives in Chicago, remember) this little cutie will warm her hands right up.  Plus purple is her favorite color.

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Michelle L. said...

This would be perfect for so many people! Very cute gift presentation.

Shazia said...

This is such a great idea! And you have an awesome blog. I've been reading away for the past half an hour, and I'm hooked! :)
-Your newest follower

BJ_Mama said...

CUTE! Um, I had NO IDEA you didn't drink coffee or Why...learn something NEW everyday, huh? :)

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