Friday, January 30, 2015

Spring-y Valentines!

I few years ago I made this slinky valentine for my son.  I really liked the whole idea, especially the cute little saying: "You put a spring in my step, Valentine!"  But buying a metal slinky for over $2 for every classmate is a no go.  Fortunately, the dollar store has these colorful slinkies in a 6 pack in the party favor area.  That's more like it!

If you don't like the smaller, plastic slinkies, you can also get sparkly slinkies at the dollar store for a dollar a piece.

All you need to do is print out the tag, slide it through the slinky and tape it together in the back!

Easy as pie.  And cute to boot!

Here are the printables!  Make sure you overlap the tag with the "to/from" part on top!
slinky valentine photo slinky_zpsf1ea35fd.jpg

This post is part of a series about Dollar Store Valentines!

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