Saturday, January 24, 2015

This Tiny Girl.

Before my long absence, I shared bug's "beginning of the school year photo shoot."  You know, the shoot I do every year just before school starts for some "new school year" photos?  Yes, these are from September.  Yes, it's been a long time.  But it's just not right to share only one kids portraits, so here's the second kid.  I'd put them all in one post, but there's too many.  I don't want to break the internet.  
This is the last year I can consider my daughter so little and "tiny."  She's in 4K this year - and goes to school every day for a few hours.  Most days she still seems so little to me.  Then I look at the pictures and realize how old she really is.  Next year she'll start kindergarten and that'll be a real eye-opener...

I find my daughter stunning.

It's very likely I'm completely biased in the way most mothers are.  And it should be like that, I suppose.  But that doesn't change the fact that I really do find her stunning.

Her small features, petite frame, shiny golden hair, chameleon eyes that are sometimes slate-gray, sometimes earthy green and sometimes the clearest light blue sky.
Her quick smile, the way her eyes alight, the adorable crinkle in her nose, and that infectious giggle.  The three small freckles on her chin and cheek.

The way she dances everywhere.  The way she sings instead of speaks - turning her schedule, her routine, her menu, even blowing her nose, into an operetta for an invisible audience.

What she lacks in physical stature, she more than makes up for in personality.  There is a lot of that stuffed into this tiny package.

One minute she is laughing at her own joke, the next she's stomping to her room and slamming the door and the very next she's sobbing about how adorable you were in your wedding photo.

I'd call her a drama queen, but I'm not sure even that does her justice.

Her world is full of imaginings and friends and visions of her own creation.  She will never be lonely, because she is truly never alone.

She burst into the world with confidence and enthusiasm.  It was as if she couldn't wait to begin.

As if she knew the world needed her.

She smiled quickly and often.  As a newborn, some might have argued she was full of gas, but I know she was really full of mirth.

There are few things she doesn't approach with the same gusto - the exception being dinner.

She was stunning that first time I held her in my arms and hushed her quietly.  Stunning as her gaze found mine and she immediately stopped her cries.  Stunning as she reached her tiny arms for me.  And she is stunning still.

But do you know what I find most stunning?  
Her ability to love beyond measure every living creature she happens upon; most of all her family.  Her overflowing love for worms and frogs and birds and flowers and the poor, poor leaves as they fall from the trees.  Her love for things that don't always love her back - like Bob the neighbor dog who couldn't possibly love her as much as she adores him or our cat Delilah who doesn't love anyone.

Her ability to forgive.  Immediately and without looking back.

And her fierce loyalty to those she holds dear.  Never say a word against her dear brothers, because only SHE is allowed to fight with them and call them smelly.

Those are the qualities that take my breath away.

My tiny girl... and in comparison here you can tell she isn't such a tiny girl anymore...

There is no baby left in her.  She's grown into a girl.  A loving, animated, fierce and stubborn, independent and silly girl.

Who still laughs freely and smiles with that crinkle in her nose.

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