Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wait. It's St. Patrick's Day TODAY?

Disclaimer:  This post contains what is quite possibly the worst pictures I have ever taken in my life.  It was getting towards bedtime for most of them... I had to use flash for some of them... I could have waited to take decent pictures, but then it wouldn't have been St. Patty's day anymore.  

By the way, I woke up this morning and checked my google reader quickly only to be greeted by St. Patty day well-wishes.  It's St. Patty's already???  I had all my posts so carefully planned this week... and apparently I missed the actual date.  

Anyway, I did put the kids in something festive.  This is more Poor Man's Silk Screen, by the way.  

This first one is for mini.  Because we aren't Irish.  But she sure does love kisses.  I used picnik for the design.

I especially love how the lip print turned out:

That's freezer paper stencil, too.  When I was cutting out the shapes, I just made lots of little cuts irregularly in the shape of the lips - which essentially just shredded the freezer paper.  So some chunks got cut out and lots of little slices were cut in, and I think it makes the perfect faded lipstick mark.  Although I do wish my lines were cleaner on the letters.  That's my exacto's fault.  I need a new blade.

Here is the only halfway decent photo of mini:

And this one is bug's.  The shirt was kind of weird - the pocket placement was pretty inconvenient, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  I also designed this in picnik.

The font I used on picnik was a distressed, faded font, and I wanted that look on the shirt, too.  So when I was painting the letters in, I used a stipple brush and dabbed the paint.  I layered bright green and white.  I really like how that looks.  I stippled the dog, too, with only dark green.  I like this technique because it totally mimics the grunge/faded/distressed look that's kind of cool right now.  I'm not convinced that the shiny fabric paint was the right choice (it's on the dog), but overall I like how it turned out.

And here is the only halfway decent shot of bug.  He's currently taking modeling lessons from mini:

And because his favorite color is green, I'm fairly certain I won't be able to get him out of this.  We'll see in the morning (because he insisted on sleeping in it.)

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