Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Spring.

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Oh, Spring, Spring!  How I adore you.  
Your vibrant green branches 
sway in a gentle breeze while...
 Snow?  Is that SNOW???
Um... K...

Your vibrant green branches 
sway in a gentle breeze torrid gust 
while the smell of new life floats large, fluffy white flakes float
as feathers
to the newly awakening grass...

to the newly covered grass.

Your clear blue sky fog-wrapped, gloomy sky
 warms my winter soul is... um...
snowy.  And cold.

Like the ground.

Uh... Sigh.

My bare toes itch to feel your fresh grass...

My boot-clad, calloused and dry winter-skinned feet 
struggle to kick open the door
against your heavy drifts...

And you beckon me to sit and relax on the porch 
basking in a subtle warmth
and you beckon me back inside the furnace-induced warmth
of my house.

 Alas!  The barren branches of barren trees
burst with buds and blooms of life
 even more snow.

more snow.  Everywhere.

The plants that struggled to the surface 
now weep in your frigid embrace.

This door, once so open and inviting 
will close against your insistence on wind and storm.

While the earth sleeps still under a blanket of white.

and instead of stripping off layers of winter chill, 
the children dress as eskimos 

 to play in your feeble rays of sun.
The end.

This post was alternately titled, "Why I Hate March."
AKA, "Why I Hate March in Wisconsin."

With a subtitle of, "Spring Winter Storm Ezekiel."  Because we name our storms like hurricanes here, and this was the fifth HUGE storm of 2011.

I'd say I'm done with it, but I believe I've made my stance clear.

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alisamm said...

I thought this last one was Winter Storm Francesca...wazz this about Ezekiel?

Julia said... the snow. We in the South didn't get snow, but our close neighbors just up the road from us had a tornado last night. A lot of damage, but luckily no bad injuries or deaths!
Is it ok to link up more than one project in the yarn party?

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said... So should I not tell you that it was like, 80 here yesterday? *ducks for cover* :)

Mindie Hilton said...

We look the same here in Northern Cali. We sometimes hunt for eggs in the snow, crazy. It has even snowed in June. I still put out Spring stuff, you hear that snow, you can't stop me, lol...

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