Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take 12: The Cozy Cozy

Want a cozy way to dress up your water bottle?  I have the perfect solution.  A "cozy" yarn cozy.

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What you need:
Water bottle (or other bottle you want to make all cozy)
Plastic canvas
HUGE needle (like the biggest one you can find)

Place your water bottle on the plastic canvas and trace around it with a sharpie.

Wind a piece of the plastic canvas around the water bottle and mark the height and width with a sharpie.  Obviously this will depend on the bottle you choose to use.

Cut both traced pieces out.

Thread your humungo needle with yarn and start sewing.  You can do all kinds of designs and patterns.  This was my first one and I kept it really simple.  Just up through the second hole, across the whole thing, through to the back on the second to last hole, then jump down a row on the back.  The yarn goes all the way across the front of the canvas,

And the back just has the little stitches along the sides from row to row.

Leave a row at the bottom.  When you're done, it looks like this:

Don't cut your yarn.  Now you need to attach the pieces together.  Using the same strand of yarn, just whipstitch the circle onto the rectangle piece.
Just curl the rectangle around as you sew the circle to it.

Then you need to sew up the rectangle.  Just whipstitch up those rows that are empty.

When you've sewn up the ends, you need to knot the end.  Stick your needle in the stitches. 

Pull your needle through all the stitches back down the way you came and knot through the loop you've created.

And that's it!

Stuff your water bottle in there. 

Marvel at the cuteness.  Look at that fancy shmancy cozy.

Now, please realize this is only a prototype.  But can you imagine the design posibilities?  Cute little embroidered details... pictures or patterns... how about stripes with different colors of yarn?  Horizontal or vertical would be cute!

Next time I try this, I will most likely leave the bottom piece off, and make the actual cozy shorter, so it's more of a gripper, and less of a holder.  You know? 

I will actually need to devise a square version, since my bottled water of choice is Fuji.

Now go check out Mandy's project!

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