Friday, March 25, 2011

Take 7: The Homespun Wallet

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I spent quite a while scheming and dreaming and trying to determine just how I could make a wallet with yarn when I don't crochet or knit.  Would it be possible?  There's something about accessories made from yarn that make them homey, cozy, and well, just cute.  

After brainstorming and a little clearance scavenging, I came up with a plan.  

You'll need:
Yarn in your desired color scheme (I used a combo of thicknesses for interest)
foam brushes
mod podge (prefereably matte)
a glue gun
a wallet.  

I encourage you to hunt for bargain wallets.  In other words, cheap.  Even better if it's ugly too.  Then you'll be doing it a favor.  In my case, this meant a $1 walmart special showcasing "The Vampire Diaries."  Score.

Now, I'm certain you could do something similar with just about any style of wallet, but I used a hinged clutch type wallet.  You know, this kind:


Alright.  First, wrap a bunch of yarn in all colors around your wallet, not too tight.  It doesn't need to be aesthetically pleasing at this point.  You're only doing this as an easy way to cut a bunch of yarn the right length all at the same time.

Cut your yarn on one side of the wallet only.  You'll want to make sure you have wiggle room with the length of yarn.

Starting on one end, spread just a bit of mod podge down on the wallet.

And lay some yarn on top of it, pressing down lightly for a bit.

Continue to make your way down one side of the wallet, a little at a time.  First spreading mod podge, then laying bits of yarn in a color pattern you like.

When this side is completely covered with yarn, cut the excess yarn from the edges - leaving it just a SMIDGE long...

so you can cover the edges with it.

Just spread some hot glue, a little at a time, and press the yarn down into the glue.  

Do this along both edges of the wallet.  Trim off any stragglers.

Then, cover the other side of the wallet in the same manner.  Mod podge, yarn, Trim and hot glue the edges.  Remember, work in small sections.

Now, let's give it some fun detail.  How about a thick two piece braid?  Just do wind the two piece braid, then hot glue it on the edge of the wallet, 

right over the top of the yarn, to the other edge.  Make sure not to glue over the opening or the hinges.

Add some three piece braids in the same way.  Do this to both side of the wallet.

Now we'll need to take care of those edges.

Wrap a some yarn around the edge of the wallet to measure length.
Double it.  

Cut three pieces of yarn this length.

Braid the three pieces together.  Start by gluing it with the hot glue on one side of the wallet in the bottom corner.

Working little by little, glue the braid to the edge of the wallet on just one side, all the way around until you meet back up where you started.  

Then do the other side of the wallet. 

In the spots where the chunky braided details are attached to the edges, you will need to pull the edging tighter and press down for a while before moving on.

Then, use some of the braid to cover the hinge.  Use as little glue as possible to glue this down so it doesn't gum up the hinge.

And that is that.

The wallet still opens easily, despite the detail along the hinge.

I worried at first that the mod podge on just the underside of the yarn wouldn't be enough to hold it down.  I didn't want to layer mod podge over it.  Although that would seal it down to the wallet, It would also make it hard and crunchy and I wanted the whole thing to look and feel soft, like it really was MADE out of yarn.

No need to worry though.  Amazingly, the yarn has held up quite well.

I consider that one folksy little homespun wallet.

Don't miss out on Mandy's tutorial!  

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CK said...

Oh my goodness!!! This turned out so cute! I love the colors you chose and the little pattern with the braids. Awesome idea!

Michelle L. said...

TOTALLY unique! Totally cute!

Robin Ross said...

Love the yellow!

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