Saturday, March 19, 2011

Take 1: Pom Pom Fever

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Folks, I'm starting you out easy today.  We're going to talk about pom poms.

Nope.  Not those.  These:
posy gets cozy

They are super easy to make and great for decorating a plethora of items.

Start with your average cereal box.  No, it doesn't have to be cereal.  It could be crackers.  Or any cardboard at all, really.

Trace and cut out two identical circles.  Or, if you are like me, suddenly develop an inability to walk, which makes it impossible to find anything circular to trace.  In which case, you can just freehand it.  As long as they are the same.

With one circle on top of the other, fold them in half and cut a circle out of the center.  The size of this inner circle will really determine the size of your pom pom - if the width of the cardboard between the hole and the outer edge is wide, the pom pom will be bigger, if it is narrow, it will be smaller.

Lay out one of your circle.  Cut a length of yarn and lay it on top of the circle around the hole.

Sandwich this piece of yarn with the other circle.

Now we start wrapping.  Take a small ball of yarn and starting on the outer edge, 

wrap around and around the "donut."

If you want a thick, puffy pom pom, wrap A LOT.  If you want a thinner pom pom, you only need to go around once.

Press down on the whole contraption and carefully - oh, so carefully - 

slide your scissors in between the two cardboard circles and cut the yarn there. 

Do this all the way around the circle.

Now, remember that strand of yarn you sandwiched in there in the beginning?  Well, take the long ends of that piece of yarn and tie them together - pulling it tight.

Tie it in a double knot.  Make sure it's extra tight.

Poke the pom pom out through the hole.

It'll look kind of shaggy.

So, grab it by the long strands and shake it around.  Then trim any strands that look wonky.

What should you do with your pom pom?  Well, you can put it on a hat.  Handmade or store bought, it adds some whimsy and fun!

Or, you could put them on the toes of your skates to keep the snow from building up on the laces.  Yep, those are mine.  I know enough to stay upright.

Or use them for decor.  

Or in a glass candle holder as the base to a cookie platter: (far right)

You could make a giant pom pom.  Give it some eyes, 
and it'll become your toddler's BFF.

Looking for more pom pom ideas?  

How about a pom pom garland?  This is from Honestly...WTF.
(Is that not gorgeous???)
Or make some kid-friendly flowers for your little one with Happy Together:

Or you could dress up some presents!  This is from Something's Hiding in Here.

A rug???  I'm on board.  This one's from the Lion Brand Site and if you click that link you'll get the free pattern, by the way.  

Is this going too far?  (Source: Zimbio)

Now, go get creative with the pom poms!

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Mandy England said...

CUTE! I'm thinking about making a pom pom mobile for the kiddo... this is pushing me a little more in that direction ;]

Elisabeth Spivey said...

cute! Pom pom are so fun but not my favorite to make. New follower via Mandipidy! :)

Anonymous said...

those pom poms are sooo awesome. I love the rug made from 'em. Wow. So creative. I think I'm gonna give it a try. thanks for sharing!

Michelle L. said...

See, I did not know how to do this - thanks for the great tutorial! And all the amazing examples. Love the hat and the skates!

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