Monday, March 28, 2011

Take 10: Yarn Buds

Sorry this took so long to put up today!  Better late than never, right???

I wracked my brain trying to come up with a cute yarn project that I could force mini to wear. (She's not that into bows and things right now, but I keep trying...)

This was the result:

First, cut a strip of felt.  You want it to be about three inches wide or so and the longer you make it, the larger your flower will be.

Wrap a bunch of yarn around your hand.

Snip through the yarn on one side of your hand to make several strands the same length.

Glue one end of each strand to the felt along the edge.  I think it looks best if they are spaced somewhat irregularly.  The more yarn you add at this point, the fuller and fluffier your flower will be.  The loner the strands are, the taller and floppier your flower will be.  I trimmed my strands a little after I took this picture.

Run a strip of glue down the length of the felt on top of the yarn and fold the yarn in half, gluing the other ends down.

Run another strip of glue down the length of the yarn/felt and fold the bottom of the felt up, sandwiching the yarn inside.

Now, just start at one end and roll the felt up.  Hot glue here and there to secure, and hot glue the very end of the felt well.  Shake it out a bit, and you've got this:

Cover a little alligator clip in felt and hot glue the flower on top.

Variation 1:

Cut the loops apart.  Trim the yarn pieces shorter in the center of the flower than on the outside of the flower.

Variation 2:

Divide the yarn strands into bunches and secure each bunch with a piece of yarn on one end.  Divide the bunches into two pieces each and wrap the pieces around each other.  Secure the other end with a piece of yarn as well.

Continue with the flower tutorial as usual.  This is what it looks like all folded over.

And here it is rolled up.

One method, three flowers.

Here's the yarn bud in action.  She left this in her hair surprisingly long.  I do believe that the next time I make a bunch of these, I will cut the strands even shorter before I fold them and roll it.

Please excuse the gross high chair.  The only way she will sit for a photo is if I bribe her with food.

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Julia said...

One of our granddaughters would never wear bows. I'm still trying to decide which of the other 4 to give the beautiful flower hair ornament that you sent to me. I know that Ms. J, Miss R, and Lil'E would love it equally. Lil'B isn't old enough or have enough hair just yet. I may give it to sisters, Misses J and R. That way they can share it.
These are cute yarn buds that you've made today.

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