Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm not in right now. Leave a message WITH CHRISTINA!

Christina of Christina's adventures is taking over for me today!  She's got a cute blog with fun, pretty, thrifty ideas...

I'm so excited to be swapping places with Kimberly for a day!  I'm Christina, and I have a blog about my life, which includes a lot of things with very little money :) 

I'm a wife to a graduate student (aka we only live on my salary), a doggy-mommy, and an Autism Support teacher (kindergarten - all boys = very tired!)  Crafting and re-purposing old and ugly things has become a passion of mine, and an escape from the stresses in my life!

Here's some of my most favorite projects I've made so far:

My all-time favorite project is my desk.  I made over this desk for less than THREE DOLLARS!  See...told you I am cheap!

I've also learned how to re-upholster VERY simple things...such as this bench...originally a thrift store reject:

I've also pulled out my sewing machine again, and have had so much fun making pillow covers lately:

...and I love taking things from thrifty stores that other people might pass by, to make beautiful decorative displays in my house that you would never know were super cheap:
I also host a linky party every Thursday, called "20 Below Thursday", which celebrates all of the cute and thrifty ideas you have for under $20!  It's amazing how creative people can get...I'd love it if you could come join the party too!

If you follow my blog, you'll get to see many guest appearances from my beloved baby Buckley too:
I would LOVE it if you could come and follow me at Christina's Adventures!  I hope you'll laugh with me as I try to navigate my way through trying to make my world beautiful on a very tight budget! :)

Go on, rush over.  I won't be offended if you leave right now.  Not that I'm kicking you out... but you'll love joining in Christina's adventures!


Christina said...

Thanks so much for swapping with me today...hope you got some more traffic to your site!! I loved trading places with you for a day :)

Bless by Tone said...

we're fellow SYTYC contestants, just wanted to say HI. Tone

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