Friday, March 11, 2011

I wanted to post a brilliant lesson I've learned from my kids.  I wanted to be eloquent and witty and charming.  I wanted to be full of entertaining stories and deeper meanings.  But there was a sick little boy who needed me this week.  And still needs me now.  

And if there's one thing these kids have taught me it's that when you're sick, you need your mommy.

Oh, and you get really cuddly too.  With a three year old boy who's NEVER been a cuddlebug, I take it when I can get it.

Oh, AND you know you're experiencing unconditional love when in response to disgusting bodily fluid expulsion, your overwhelming feeling is empathy and sadness and NOT disgust and desire to run the other way.

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Amy said...

Just received a beautiful flower clip in the mail from you. Thank you! I love it. And it's the perfect color combo!

Julia said...

I got the hair flower clip in the mail today, too! It is wonderful!!! Now, which granddaughter gets it? I guess I'll have them guess which number I'm thinking of or something like that. It is really too cute. My girls are going to be very excited.
Purple and yellow can't be beat1 Thank you so much!!!!!

Lisa said...

You're such an amazing mother. I bet he felt better just knowing you were there.

Christina said...

oooh I hope your little boy feels better ASAP...but keeps the "snuggles" for a few more days :)

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