Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take 5: (Embroidery) Hoop Earrings

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I've got another jewelry makeover for you today.  Remember the earrings in this picture?

Right there, above the bangles.  Were you wondering if I'd forgotten about those?  Nope!  We can't leave those bad boys out of the makeover fun, can we?

Ah, yes.  I know.  That's a little misleading, as this involves neither embroidery, nor embroidery HOOPS... but it DOES involve some rather large hoop earrings, and the yarn all knotted around them reminded me a little of embroidering...

This is ridiculously easy.  Ready?

You need:
Hoop earrings

Yep.  That's it.  Oh, and a scissors, probably.  And a hot glue gun if you want.  Because I, apparently, have to use a hot glue gun for EVERY SINGLE project.  

Take a strand of yarn.  Place the MIDDLE of the strand BEHIND the hoop, right at the top, next to the opening.  Tie a single knot at the front of the hoop.

Flip the hoop over.  Bring the string around to what is NOW the front, and tie a single knot.

And that's it.  Really.  All you do is flip the hoop, bring the strands up to the front, tie a single knot, flip the hoop again, tie another knot on the front.. etc, etc.

Pretty soon, you'll be all the way around the hoop earring and on the other side of the opening.

Just tie a double knot there and dab a bit of hot glue to secure the knot, if you want.  Trim off the excess yarn.

I really like how it looks almost like a herring bone pattern.  Or maybe more like a fish bone?  In any case, I think those criss-crossy knots are pretty cool.

And here is the horrible "picture in the bathroom mirror because they're finished and see how cute they are on now?" photo.


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Elisabeth Spivey said...

Very cute! I'll have to try these :)

Angela said...

I love it!! So cute!

Mandy England said...

CUTE!!! I love these... I want to make some in yellow... or hot pink since they kinda have an 80s flair in my mind :]

Michelle L. said...

Ooh, pretty! What a great project, and easy enough for the yarn-o-phobics like me!

lisbonlioness said...

These really sport the look I will be aiming for in my next project. I am all about wrapping stuff with yarn these days, and your tutorial will allow even a clumsy bugger like me to come up with something pretty. Thank you!

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