Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take 11: Twisty (hair) Ties

This little tutorial is for a project so easy, it's not a project.  

When I was little, my mom taught me to make hair ties for my dolls out of her leftover yarn pieces.  As I was playing with yarn the past month, I thought of these little ties and got very nostalgic.  I'm sure this isn't new to most of you.  I'm sure you can think of a million other cool things to do with yarn, but for the sake of my walk down childhood lane, will you please indulge me?  Thanks.

Ready for the "tutorial?"

Take a long strand of yarn.  Basically, just double the length you actually want it to be.

Make your husband hold the end.  Since all he's doing is watching TV anyway.  And if that won't work, you can always safety pin it to something, or put the end under something heavy.

While he (it) holds it tightly, start twisting.  Twist and twist and twist.

It helps if you hold the yarn quite taut as you do this.

Keep twisting until the whole piece is so twisted, it'll start bunching up if you don't stop.  At that point, stop.

Now, bring the end you're holding up to the other end - fold the twist in half.

And let go of the mid-point.

And voila!  It twists right up in a cool braided look.

Cut two short pieces of yarn.  Tie one around each end of the twisted yarn.  Trim the ends.

You're done!

But WHAT, you ask, can you DO with this twists, once you've made them?

I'm glad you asked.

Let's make a necklace:

Take any number of these twists you'd like to use - all different lengths.  

I decided on four different twists.  My longest is about 20 inches and my shortest is about 12 inches.  For two of the twists, I used three different strands twisted together - which made the thick, rope-looking strands.  For the gray strand, I twisted and folded it in half, then twisted THAT twist and folded it in half.  I really like how that one looks.  The yellow one is just a normal one yarn strand twist.

Now, double check lengths and line them up the way you like them.  

Cut some short strands, and

tie one end of all of the twists together.

Then tie the other ends together.

Trim the excess - all but the yarn pieces you used to tie the ends with.

Tie those two yarn pieces together, double knot.

Now, take a long strand of yarn and wind it around this knotted area.  

Tie it off at the end.

And there you have it!  A necklace, with a twist.

You could also use long twists to make a present pretty.

Or roll the twists up on a piece of felt, then cut around the circle for a twisted and rolled rosette.  Put them on some barrettes or on a pin back.

And, of course, you can simply tie them around pigtails, hair twist tie style.

Really, the possibilities are endless.  

As long as you have a lazy tired husband who's willing to hold your yarn.

Have you seen Mandy's project today?

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Julia said...

brilliant! I love that necklace!!! What a clever way to make jewelry when you really need something, but just don't have what you need!

lisbonlioness said...

I LOVE the barrettes! I used to do this yarn- thing with my auntie when I was a kid, it never failed to amaze me how it would all wrap up to be a pretty cord. It's cool to see all the "old" crafts revisited, makes me feel all the childhood excitement again.

Life in Rehab said...

I just physically gasped at those teensy piggy tails! I mean, the project is cute, but you've been upstaged.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Mini is so stinkin' cute! :)

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