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A "Cozy" Gift with Jill

You remember Jill from Envirocraftiness, right?  She made an awesome CD album, posted about throwing parties, gave us some pumpkinspiration... Her blog is the place to go for cake ideas, upcycled projects, frugal crafting and decor and fun party ideas.

I'm so excited to be back here to guest post once again!! Kimberly and I have swapped posts several times before, and I *heart* Kimberly and contributing to all her fun series.

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In case you haven't met me, I'm Jill from Envirocraftiness (and I like cheesecake!)  I love crafting and cooking and being so busy that I'm *this* close to losing it all the time...okay, just joking about that part...mostly.  

Today I'm here to share my very first original crochet pattern with you.  I love to crochet, and I love coffee, and so I present to you:

The Super Simple Coffee Press Cozy

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Now you're going to have to be patient with me as I'm not exactly a pro crocheter.  It is pretty easy and super cute, and definitely worth sharing.  And gifting!

Worsted weight yarn of your choice - sorry I didn't measure how much, I made 2 out of a brand new skein that was maybe 146 yards and there was plenty left over!

Size I (5.5mm) or if you have the Susan Bates set they sell at Michael's...the pink one.

Ch - chain
SC - single crochet
Sl - slip stitch
SP - space

Let's go!

Chain 46.  Without twisting the chain, join with Sl in first chain.

Row 1 - *SC in first Ch, Ch skipping next Ch*  repeat * to * and join with Sl in first SC.
Row 2 - Ch 1. *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to * and join with Sl in first SC.
Row 3 - Repeat row 2.
Row 4-20 - *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to * at end of row, Ch 1 and turn work.
Row 21 - Chain 7  (beginning of tab) Turn and SC in Ch, Ch skipping next Ch over length of the tab. *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* for the remainder of the row.
Row 22-23 - *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to * at end of row, Ch 1 and turn work. (if you lost count...or if I should finish row 23 at the end of the "tab" portion.  If not, add one more row)
Row 24 - 1 SC, Ch 3, Skip 1 SP. *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to * at end of row, Ch 1 and turn work.
Row 25 & 26 - *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to * at end of row, Ch 1 and turn work.

Row 27 - *SC in SP, Ch skipping SC* repeat * to *

Finish & weave in ends.  Slide on coffee press and see where the hole in the tab lines up with the rest of the cozy & sew button on accordingly.

 photo 594fbe40-b2ec-44ab-b200-c85b8c4ddd00_zpsebda59d2.jpg

Pattern can be made larger or smaller by chaining more or less stitches to start and by adjusting the number of rows in section 4-20.

 photo null_zps29dfd377.jpg

This would make a great gift to go along with a coffee cozy and for a personal touch, throw in a couple monogrammed mugs! Check out my super simple tutorial for that with pro-tip here.

 photo 6C7D2B09-789D-4850-817F-173FF696C6DF-9572-000005361ABE7EBC_zpsb3d3bedb.jpg

Thanks so much to Kimberly for hosting all the gifty goodness! If you try this pattern, I'd love to see it! And if you have any questions, let me know.

Well, I may have to take up crochet AND coffee, just to try this out!  OR, even better, I'll just take up crochet and GIFT someone the press and mugs.  Thanks Jill, for the awesome idea!

Tomorrow we have another fun round-up coming that I know you'll love!

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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