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A Rockin' Gift from Julie

Today's guest, Julie from Vibrant Designs, can sew pretty much anything you'd need.  Lots of her projects would be great for gifts - like her Crossbody Hipster of her Leather Cuff Watch.  She also has a whole page devoted to great gift ideas she's collected AND you should check out her adorable etsy shop.  Seriously, the cuteness.  Ack!

  Hello!! I am Julie from Vibrant Designs and I am so happy to be here today with Kimberly and you, her readers at bugaboo, mini, mr and me!!!   I love to sew and I love to sew easy things that turn out great in the end! If you know a guitar player/musician, then this is a great diy gift idea! It is simple and all it takes is straight stitches. Enter the Custom Guitar Strap: you will need a guitar strap kit and I have linked to that in my materials list.

Materials: 1/3 yd non stretch fabric, 1/3 yd fusible fleece or heavyweight interfacing, guitar strap kit, matching thread, sewing machine
Step 1: iron fabric!!
Step 2: Cut fabric into 2 strips 5”x44”, cut piece 2”x4”
Step3: Put right sides together (short ends) and sew ½” seam allowance. This gives you the long strap instead of two shorter straps.  Press the seam allowance to one side.
Step 4: fuse your chosen interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric/strap following manufacturer’s directions. (I chose fusible fleece for it's comfort and thickness. You can use regular interfacing but it won't be as soft and thick.)
Step 5: Press ¼” inward down each length of the strap. Press the strap lengthwise in half. Doing this gives you the creases in the fabric to make your sewing much easier!

Step 6: Pin the strap in half length wise so your fabric doesn’t move while sewing.  Sew the open side closed using a ¼” seam allowance.
Step 7: Sew down the opposite side using a ¼” seam allowance.

Step 8: Sew ¼” away from your original seam. Continue this until you have five lines of sewing. (this looks great and makes it much stronger)

Step 9: Feed one end through one piece of hardware. Fold the strap end over and sew in place.
Step 10: Create the adjustable strap and use this photo as a guide.  One end is attached to one guitar end. (the open end on the left in the photo should be attached to the first guitar strap end)  Feed the opposite end through the plastic slide up and down leaving a large loop as shown.  Feed the end down through the second guitar strap end. Then bring/feed it back UP into the slide and down again creating the small loop. You will have a short end hanging under the slide. Fold the end up and pull the opposite strap portion tight. (remember the small loop above the slide?)  Sew the folded end to the opposite portion of the strap.
Please excuse the fabric pieces on the floor!!

Step 11: Adjust to your desired length. And let’s make the pick pocket!!  Fold the pocket piece in half length wise.  Sew down each edge leaving the opposite end of the fold open. Turn right side out. Fold the open ends into the pocket piece and pin in place. Place the pocket wherever you would like it. I put mine on the top portion that will not be put through the slide. I also made sure the opening was on top so the pick wouldn’t fall out. To cut back on the amount of seams on the pocket, you can place the pocket on the strap so that you will close the hole when you sew around the pocket attaching it to the strap.

You may have to use your own dimensions for the pick pocket. I used a pick of my husbands to make sure it would fit but there may be larger ones so create a pocket size accordingly.

Thank you so much for having me!!  Can't wait for next year :)

I've got a brother who may be getting a little something like this for a birthday next February!  Thanks for the great tutorial, Julie!  Love it!

I'm back tomorrow, sharing a gift bug just gave to one of his friends for her birthday!  It's easy and fun!

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