Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cute and Thrifty with Kimbo

Well, I've got the girl herself here today - you know, THE girl.  From A Girl and A Glue Gun - and it's no secret I stalk her blog like a crazy rabid craft weirdo looking for her next fix.  Half my pins on pinterest come from her, I swear.  Like this awesome planket.  And all 6 million and 2 of her felt/glue gun projects.  And her bazillion fun gift ideas that just about anyone would love.  And all her sewing crap.  Well, anyway, here's her bright idea.

i have about 45 birthdays in the month of August (okay..slight exaggeration..but it FEELS like 45)
and when it's all said and done...i'm broke! and you know what always makes me the most mad...
spending 3-5 dollars on a gift bag....ON TOP of the price of the present that goes IN the bag.
so today i'm being cheap and showing you how to decorate a plain gift bag
(you know...the ones that are cheaper than a dollar)
decorate a plain gift bag 2PicMonkey Collage bag

and the best part only need a sharpie and some cardstock (or you can print images if you don't have an artistic bone in your body)photo 1 (4)

i took a stamp i liked and just mimicked the baby face and wrote out congrats
photo 2 (7)

and as you can see from the pile i didn't stop..i tried to make a variety...women, boys, baby blessing, birthdays, what have you.
then i took this tape that is it makes your pictures stand out from the bag...
photo 3 (3)

(pretty sure this tape is an elmer's product!)photo-1-1-768x1024

then you just peel and stick!DSC02581gg
photo bag

you can even use this technique to cover up logos....PicMonkey Collage44
AND i even got the kids in on the action....these would make awesome party favor bags!kid drawn bag

or get creative and give your kids sack lunches to smile about!!!

i even grabbed a piece of vinyl and cut a heart and stuck it on.....took less than a minute!
photo 5 (9) you're gifting it good this season...make sure not to break the bank on these expensive bags!!!!
thanks kimberly for having me!
and if you want to check out my blog i'm here:
here's a bunch of other crap you can find over there!!!birthday tags Picnik collage89yh DSC03535 photo 1 (12)

Thanks, Kim!  Great minds DO think alike... because I have a ton of cheap and free bags like this just waiting to be spiffied up.  Once I, you know, get to it.

Tomorrow's guest has yet another great gift idea for lots of occasions - especially as we get into the cooler months!  Stay tuned!

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Carly said...

Lovely idea! So simple! ;)
xx Carly

Tracy King said...

I love the thought of covering up a store logo, what a great idea for reusing. Thanks :)

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